Your power is waiting…

I *see* you –
You are strong women – Healers, priestesses, teachers, mothers, Warriors – who are doing good work in this turbulent world.

I believe that all the strong women we know ourselves to be hold the key to transforming this world into one of love, peace, and sustainability.

I’m inviting you to join the 3rd Annual Goddess Talks Sessions.…

The conversations in this event are much like the dialogues we’re having within ourselves and with our SiStars.

Use these to further inspire and fuel your good work. For we have a long, challenging path ahead.

These teachers, spiritual leaders, and powerful women want to share their truth with you and help you find your authentic voice.


Your complimentary registration includes access to…
* All 16 INSPIRING AUDIO INTERVIEWS – 8 interviews per week for two weeks – September 18 – September 28
* 16 Transformational LOVE OFFERINGS from all 16 Speakers worth thousands of dollars
* 4 Lovely Gifts from this season’s Sacred Sponsors

Register now and add valuable gifts to your personal development library so you can begin to walk in beauty with the strength, courage, and pleasure of claiming your feminine sovereignty.

Let us circle up * hand-in-hand * heart to heart * standing besides one another as SiStars in truth.

Bring Your Sacred Energy to this Inspirational Event.
Register now to learn how to stand in your power and speak your truth!…


Circle Sisters