The Collective fear and awareness of Death is in part due to the Great Conjunction of Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn.

🌀Jupiter expands, magnifies.

🐍 Pluto is death, Shadow, the Underworld realms. Also, rebirth, facing fears.

🪐 Saturn is time, structures, limitations, boundaries, patriarchy.

💥 Mars is approaching them too – He is health, taking action, warriorhood, anger, defense, passion, movement.

There’s intense Wisdom to be had. Don’t buy into the fear-mongering.

Instead, take decisive action to cultivate your health, your boundaries. Put in place the structures and systems to support your health. Simplify everything.

Make sure the things you engage are sustainable. Meaning, do these things (work, activities, relationships, people, thoughts, etc) sustain you? And, are you using your resources- time, energy, love, money, etc- sustainably?

All of this speaks to integrity. Everything must be in alignment with that version of yourself who is ⚡️potential actualized.⚡️

Face fear head-on. Does it require fierceness? Or absolute compassion and surrender?