Originally written/published October 22, 2012
My dear ones – I love you. ALL of you.
I know that many of you are in pain, or suffering from difficulty or very serious health issues. I think of you often and send love & light your way.
That said, I would like to share an important thought with you:
I will not seek to pity or feel sorry for you, because I *know* that you are POWERFUL.
I feel that in so doing, I DISempower you.
While I love and support so many of my loved ones who are up against tremendous health issues, I will seek to inform and empower you.
Pity & sorrow are not the kinds of energies that lift one higher or engender healing – those energies hold a person in the place of dis-ease and I will have no part in that.
I may empathize, love, even cry with you, etc., but you are more powerful than that, and I will always be here to remind you of your power when you have forgotten or misplaced it. ♥