I woke thinking about this.

Regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs and practices, you have a ministry. And you have an impact on the lives you touch.

Your ministry is made up of your family, friends, people you work with, your community, and strangers you cross paths with through daily activities. It’s your Facebook friends and others you interact with on social media.

Having a ministry means you have responsibilities. It is your job to interact with everyone in ways that are honest, loving, healthy, uplifting, inspiring, and revealing.

It may be something as simple as flashing a smile at a stranger you pass on the street. Or, being honest with your friend about the unhealthy choices they are making. It could even be kicking your addicted adult child out of the house in an act of tough-love.

As you go through your day, everyday, bear in mind the sacredness of each interaction you engage. Check your intentions, and be sure of where you are coming from. Are you coming from a place of Spirit, of love? Or are you coming from a place of fear, ego, and unhealthy patterns?

Spread love, smiles and joy. Be truthful – hold your convictions in a loving way. Don’t judge, but hold an honest mirror of support. Help, but don’t enable. And, if need be, walk away and cut ties, sending love and light in your wake.

The work we do is Holy. Each thought and intention, every word we utter, any action we take – it is all sacred. There are consequences to everything we do. Choose to make your impact one of Holy Love.