I coined a word years ago. It’s my own thing/idea about how I live.

I shared it with someone last night for the first time and it was received enthusiastically, and encouraged to share it with others.

Thrival. Thrive+ al

This is what happens when we/I go BEYOND survival.

I know many people feel like they’re just getting by right now. They’re surviving.

Or they have survived some truly difficult things in life. Trauma, abuse, assault, ruin, loss, hardship, health issues, etc.

We all have had to overcome situations and difficulties in life. I’ve absolutely had my share. Some of the most painful for me happened young.

One example is that I was kicked out at the age of 16. I’ve been “on my own” ever since.

Here’s where Thrival comes in:

When faced with difficult circumstances and the crucible they provide, I have found ways to come out on top.

Those things have made me who I am. A Thrivalist.

I didn’t just “survive.” I freaking worked through, found the lessons, dug deep AF, confronted my $hit, and ROSE like a muthereffing PHOENIX.

Each time was an opportunity to grow and go beyond what I thought possible, reach beyond my expectations of myself, and gain more out of life.

And my life is extraordinary.

I’ve come to see that when it’s get tough, things fall apart, $hit hits the fan, and problems occur, they happen for important reasons.

Those things are often opportunities to RISE and grow, heal and move on. Die to what is or was. And be reborn to a new vision/version.

Thrive is one of my words. It’s an endeavor, a mindset, a way if living and BEing. It’s what I do.

Thrival is an application to the wrenches life throws our way.

May you all T H R I V E.

Beaming love to you all. ✨🔥💖🔥✨

~Lisa Adams

Phot by Mina Habibi, Portrait Artist