Originally written/published October 8, 2012


The other day I was giving a massage to an older woman who obviously takes good care of her body, and remarked that I could tell she was doing a good job of it because I can feel the healthy muscle tissue.
She responded by putting her body down.
She had no health issues, was on no medications, looked good, felt good except for some stress tension, and had no history of disease, surgery, allergies or injuries.
I urged her to appreciate her body for its excellent health, not to take it for granted.
And there I was, having this conversation with yet another client. So I am going to have this conversation with you, too –
LOVE your body! 

Yes! Love your body! Tell your body you love it and appreciate all its done for you.Change your language around how you look at your health and your body, and you will change your relationship to it. You will also, most likely, change your health for the better.

There are numerous studies and science that proves our thoughts and words impact our cells & the health of those cells. Concepts like neuroplasticity and neuropeptides have been proven to be real, providing an undeniable link between body & mind. 


The thing is, our minds & our thoughts can be changed, programmed if you will.

When we catch ourselves saying the same negative things over & over again, we program our cells to believe those things.
So why not program those cells to be happy and healthy?
We do this through the use of positive affirmations (I’ve written about affirmations before in Love Your Life, Love Yourself) and awareness. The first step is awareness of the thought and/or negative talk. Once you catch yourself, simply, without self-judgement, replace that thought or talk with a new, healthier thought or phrase. 

For instance, if we think or say “my back is killing me” then we are giving negative feedback or information to the cells that make up our back. The muscle cells, the bone cells, the nerve cells, skin cells, etc – ALL of them!

Back pain can be excruciating, to be sure, especially if it’s chronic. But, most of the time, it is not a condition that is killing you.
Perhaps you can change your language to something more like, “My back is getting healthier all the time”, or “I love and appreciate how healthy my back is and all that it has done for me throughout the years.” 
See how that puts a positive spin on the situation? Lovely.
Every morning, or every day, take a moment to look in the mirror and tell your body that you love it. Take a few minutes to tap in to the powerful love that exists within your heart and send loving thoughts to every cell in your body! 


Never underestimate the power and ability of our bodies to heal.

Our bodies are designed to heal – to ALWAYS work to replace outdated cells, to seek homeostasis, to seek out and destroy unfriendly bacteria… etc. Help this process out by taking good care of what you are blessed with. Part of taking care of the vessel or temple that is your body is to have gratitude for it and to love it. At all times, as much as you can.