Q: What did you do last night?

Me: I was in the woods burning stuff with all the other witches. (DUH)

But truly, this is the time of year when we honor the dead, pay homage to our ancestors, and let go of our attachments to things that no longer serve us.

Blah, blah, blah, right? Heard it all before… Rather cliche at this point.


But, it’s the time of Scorpio. Let’s take this deeper.

Much deeper.

Acknowledging Death is one of the most important things we can ever do. Death is an absolute. It’s a capital T Truth.

Without Death, life has less meaning.

Without Death and decay, this 3-D timespace continuum would be utter chaos. It would also be claustrophobic AF.

Society fears Death because it’s become so sterile and has been removed from our day to day existence. We run from it instead of facing it head-on.

(Ever notice how those facing death who’ve come to accept it without fear have the most peaceful continence and epitomize Grace?) chew on that a bit.

Acknowledging Those Who Have Gone Before – the ancestors – keeps us humble, and tethers us to lineage. We come to understand that we are connected to everything and everyone. Our ancestors fought, strived, loved, endured, learned and evolved so that we could be here now, continuing the Cycle of Life. Their good works carry forward to ours. This is legacy.

The thing is, American/Western culture isn’t good at making room for lineage or holding sacred space for the stories and customs of ancestors. We’ve lost our sense of Mythos, and as a People, we are grappling with our sense of identity.

How many of you actually know the stories of your people? Their names? Their accomplishments, passions, struggles? I admit I know very little about mine and was blessed to know my maternal great grandparents who tried to teach us and keep the stories alive.

Nature is perhaps the very best teacher and example of how to live life fully. When we follow Nature’s example, we know when to seed, grow, fertilize, fruit, harvest, shed, die, lie fallow, begin again. It may be metaphorical, but the more tapped in we are to these truths and these cycles, the more we come to know and embrace our True Nature. The more we *know* simply because we *are*.

As the trees and most all other plant life gloriously celebrate and shed their finery, they become stripped down, bare, naked. Though it would seem being naked makes them vulnerable, it’s the exact thing that gets them through the cold harshness and starkness of winter.

Nature draws within itself, rests, gathers energy, goes “underground” to tend to roots, find nourishment.

And so it is with us. We prepare to rest, go inside, draw inward and tend our roots – our subconscious. We go Dark. We go deep beneath the ground of our souls.

It’s time to celebrate and shed. Make sacred and ready the space for the next growing season of your life. Lying fallow. Bare. Naked.

How do we shed and strip?

Look at what feels stuck or stagnant.

Find the heaviness in your body, mind, emotions, (and in whatever areas of your life) and feel into it.

Journal and acknowledge what isn’t working out, what your challenges are, and ask “out loud” the questions that linger.

What is dying or begging to leave that you’ve not had the (fill in the blank) to let go of?

What precious gift or thing in your life must you relinquish so that the universe can richly bestow you?

What is your most sacred offering or sacrifice? Chances are it’s the thing you hold most dear that you must lay upon the Sacrificial Altar of Life.

There’s not much time left to consciously engage this most exquisite of Work. Not doing the Work invites fate to step in and hardcore make the decisions for you. So, are you going willingly, or unwillingly?

Last night I made my most sacred offering/sacrifice ever. It will take time to process, grieve, cry, and further let go. But, that’s a very necessary step.

Give yourself the compassion of allowing your tears and grief, time to rest, allow yourself to not know. ‘Tis the season.

My love and heart are with you.

Do your rituals.

Make your offerings.

Cleanse. Purge. Smudge. Release.



Show up as Grace and reverence.

~Lisa C. Adams