Things that help

Things that help

Things that make a difference (for me, and may help you)


Neti pot for my sinuses

Nasaya oil for dry sinuses

Ear candling for open Eustachian tubes and better breathing, plus less puffiness in my face

Nurtigenomics – the new paradigm in supplements that specifically address cellular health

ASEA redox molecules that increase cellular communication and regeneration

Bio identical Estrogen cream for menopause symptoms

Movement- yoga, hiking, exercise, dance


Microdosing 🍄

Elemental lithium supplement



Reprogramming my thoughts and inner narratives

Being at ease with outcomes and remembering that no matter what happens, I’m always going to be ok

Learning new things

Being creative

Breathing in gratitude


Morning routine- this is HUGE. Mine is crucial and I give myself plenty of time to get the day off to a great start!





Fresh air


Checking in with myself to make sure I’m doing all the things. I ask myself lots of important questions- everything from “have I eaten, hydrated, etc?” to “can I be ok with this? Why or why not?”

This may not sound like a big deal, but some of the most potent magic comes from asking the right questions.

Things like:

What do I desire?

What brings me joy?

How can I make things simple and easeful?

And, the best one is… How can life get better?

When we ask the right questions, we get the best answers. If you ask over and over again “why is this so hard?” you will continue to find out why it’s so hard. Life does not require everything to be hard. Delete that from your thoughts and mindset.

If you pray for strength, life will continue to give you situations that require strength. And I’m here to tell you, strength is overrated. Pray instead for ease and grace.

To be clear, there are many things that help create a happier, more vibrant life. These are simple hacks and most are completely free, but incredibly valuable.

Beaming love to you.