You have so much untapped potential inside you!

Dear One,

It may be summer time, but life is super busy, super crazy – everyone’s rushing around taking care of all the things!

Does that sound about right?

Ugh. I say NO. That’s not right at all.
That’s no way to live a fulfilling life.

Society is not set up to help you thrive.

It’s set up to make sure you “follow the rules”, that you’re a good little cog in the government/corporate machine, that you’re a good little consumer unit – buying, spending, busy – all while working hard to pay for it all.

Staying busy keeps you from paying attention to what truly matters in life, insuring that you’re too wrapped up in all the things you “should” do.

When you’re that busy and distracted, the government/corporate Machine continues to indoctrinate you, sneaks behind everyone’s backs with detrimental policy-making, destroying the environment, and exercising “Power Over” the people.

If you’ve ever seen the movie The Matrix, then you’ve had a glimpse into this world of illusion that only works to serve the government, the institutions, bureaucracies and the very wealthy.

Here’s what I know to be True (with a capital T) –

You absolutely DO NOT have to live inside the Matrix
Life gets MUCH BETTER when you stop following “the rules”

I’m not saying you should disobey laws, hurt yourself or others, or go completely AWOL. (though sometimes that has a nice ring to it – like becoming an ex-pat.)

What I AM saying is that there are so many choices available to you that you may not have considered due to conditioning and indoctriNation. (see what I did there?)

Allow me to share something else I ABSOLUTELY know is True –

Stepping outside the Matrix and living there is easier than you think! It’s as easy as taking several minutes out of your day to meditate.

I shit you not.

Stepping outside the Matrix may even look like spending time in nature, cell phone off. Or moving your body in healthy ways. Eating organic foods, Connecting to others.

It also may also look like ritual and sacred ceremony connecting you back to spirit and ancient esoteric wisdom that gives you the tools to thrive.

In fact, ancient esoteric wisdom is re-emerging profoundly to help us all get back to what is real, true, simple, meaningful, sustainable.

The wisdom of our spiritual ancestors precisely teaches us how to thrive by stepping OUTSIDE the Matrix.

Teachings such as Tantra, Buddhism, meditation, astrology, yoga, animism, divination, energy, scared geometry, intuition practices, plant medicine, shamanism (and so many more systems!) are exactly the tools and systems that clarify what is REAL and TRUE from the illusions of society.


Stepping outside the Matrix while living a fulfilling life is your birthright.

Some things to consider – I recommend asking yourself some questions to help clarify your motivations and desires.

Q: What makes you feel trapped?


Q: How can you free yourself from the trappings of life?


Q: Have you typically been a “play by the rules” person?


Q: How has “playing by rules” made you happy?


Q: How has “playing by the rules” made you unhappy?


Q: Why do you want (fill in the blank) _________? (this may things like marriage, kids, a car, buying a house, etc)


Q: Once you have the thing, how will that make you feel?


Q: What messages did you receive when you were a child? (this may be things like “work hard” or “you don’t deserve…” or “grow up, go to college, get a job, get married, have children, save money…)


Q: When you engage media and culture, what subconscious messages are seeping through?


Q: How aware are you of those messages and how they affect you thinking?


Q: What influence does your boss/partner/parents/friends/peers have on your decision making?


Q: What “rules” in society seem unfair, wrong, or just outdated to you? Why?


Q: What would you do differently if you could?


Q: How would you live if there were no “rules”? What would change?


I hope I’ve got you thinking and questioning.

Questioning is part of how you get outside the box, the system. The government/corporate Machine wants you confused, busy, distracted, tired, and continually chasing after the next-bigger-better-more-expensive-whatever – NOT tapping into what True and Real.

I’ve been having this conversation for a long time. And, these themes have been coming up more and more often with many people I know or meet. This discussion will continue on and I plan to write more.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below.