If you are truly interested in claiming your personal power, you must claim your Sovereignty.

Doing so means a great deal and is an exercise in integrity. It tells the universe that you mean business and you’re not fucking around.

👑 It’s things like finding your authentic voice – not parroting others.

👑 It’s doing your own work, according to your special talents and passions – not modeling yourself after what society says, or what others want you to be.

👑 It’s devotion to Truth – Universal Truth, and your personal truth – not compromising who you know yourself to be.

👑 It’s claiming ownership of your knowledge, lessons, hardships, triumphs, etc., in an embodied way – it’s not thinking that only magic and intentions take you where you want to be.

👑 It’s putting in the work in the 3D time-space continuum; earning your bonafides is the most powerful act of magic imaginable.

👑 It’s devotion to your teachers, crediting them and honoring them for all they’ve taught you. You stay in integrity as a student and someone who desires to lead when you do this.

👑 It’s realizing you are responsible for your reality and the consequences of all your thoughts, words, and actions.

👑 It’s paying homage to the traditions, the bodies of work, the lineages, your ancestry, etc., that inform who you are, and the people who shared a particular thing/book/saying/insight with you that made an impact.

👑 It’s understanding that you are you, and I am me, and they are them, and that while we are All One, we each have our own unique part in lifting up and upholding our World – society, community, Mother Earth.

👑 It’s acknowledging what works for you, what doesn’t work for you, and shifting until alignment occurs.

👑 As a Sovereign you decide what you are and are not willing to accept.

👑 It’s knowing what you believe and allowing that to be questioned, deepened, evolutionary.

👑 It’s also acknowledging what you don’t know, can’t claim as yours, and referring to another source, or a commitment to getting the answer.

👑 Sovereignty is an utter devotion and commitment to unflinching self-awareness and self-honesty. It’s taking ownership of yourself and holding yourself accountable to the highest possible standards.

👑 It’s also compassion and forgiveness for those times you fall short or realize you weren’t clear with yourself or your unacknowledged motivations and expectations.

There’s much more to claiming your power as a Sovereign BEing, but this is a great manifesto to begin. ~Lisa C. Adams

Photo by Mina Habibi, Portrait Artist