This entire blog is predicated on my belief in Self Care.
This is a philosophy I’ve formed over time, but I got the term “self care” from famous author and life coach, Cheryl Richardson. She wrote a book (that I have not read) called, “The Art of Extreme Self Care.” I liked her term, and so have adopted it.
Self Care means to take care of oneself, on every level of health – body, mind, spirit & heart. Self Care means doing all the things that you must do to care for yourself. It’s all those common-sense things that we know we should, or must do – things like getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, resting & relaxing, exercise, fresh air, etc.
It means having healthy habits and mechanisms by which you care for your self, in place throughout your daily life, to manage stress and tension.
It means engaging in activities that bring you enjoyment and allow you to relax. Things like reading, cooking, spending time with loved ones, dancing, listening to music and so on.
Self care means limiting your exposure to toxic chemicals, people, food, environments & activities. It means caring enough for ourselves to remove from our environment, things/people/situations/thoughts that cause stress and disease.
It also means replacing bad habits with new, healthier ones. Self care is looking to one’s future by doing things in the present moment that promote longevity and a sense of happiness and well-being.One of the reasons I think that our health is so important is because to be healthy is to be happy – without good health we have nothing!  

Most of us know people or have loved ones who struggle with extreme, often life-threatening, health issues. These folks would give just about anything to be healthy.


Those of us who are lucky to be healthy should not take this precious gift for granted – we should nourish it. Let me repeat this a little differently –




On every level, in every way – find ways to nourish your health. At each moment, we have choices to make about our health. Many of these seem like such small, insignificant choices in each & every moment of our day – what to eat, what to drink, how to sit, how much sleep, what to think, how to feel, how we are breathing…



But, over time, these seemingly insignificant choices add up and can mean the difference between happiness & misery, health & disease, and extra weight vs. looking and feeling your best.


Your long-term health is reflected in the choices you make in this moment. Let us choose wisely.


A word to care takers, parents, adults who care for their elderly parents, etc – in order to provide the best care you possibly can,




If you are not well, how can you provide good & proper care to another? Care-taking is sacred, intense work and requires energy, time, and compassion. If you are ill, not able to move, or in poor spirits – you are not providing care to the best of your ability.



When you put proper boundaries and mechanisms in place, you can devote yourself without resentment and exhaustion. This is not selfishness – it is self-love. When you love yourself, you can love others better, and they benefit from your thriving.


Ultimately, this is a vast topic, and I have many ideas about how to pursue self care. For now, I challenge you to begin thinking about this concept and find creative ways to incorporate inspired, healthy activities in to each moment of your life.

Originally written/posted 7/30/121374118_10104225497770411_1418739477_n