So many people are struggling and asking what they can do to help with this intense AF energy and facilitate their heart-expansion.

As you read through my recommendations, note how much of this is simply doing what’s real and true, as well as how many times I’ve repeated the same advice over the years.

This is not necessarily new information. It’s being echoed in order to be reinforced. Most of these things are integral to living a healthy, spiritual life.

These suggestions are also useful in finding balance and bringing you back to/towards center when things are “off.”

In no particular order…

Meditate. This is a key that unlocks your potential. This is especially how you tune in to your inner wisdom. If you’re not already doing this regularly, now is a great time to begin.


Get outside and relish in fresh air, sunshine, and the beauty of nature. Hug a tree. Lay on the ground. Look up at the sky.

Move your body. Seriously, this is part of how we move stagnant energy. I’m not telling you to punish your body at the gym. I’m telling you that walking, hiking, dancing, yoga, love-making, etc., are joyful ways to move and crucial to overall health on absolutely every level of your BEing.

Eat healthy, real foods – fruits, veggies, protein.

Drink lots of water. And some herbal tea. Nettle is great right now.

Get some Greens in your body. Things like kale, spinach, algae, chlorophyll, etc., will help your body integrate the new energy that’s downloading. These things raise your vibration.

Sing, drum, scream, howl…. also ways to energetically vibrate and move energy. They can be fun and/or cathartic.

Use stones/crystals to help you. I highly recommend smoky quartz, shungite, black tourmaline, tiger iron, red jasper, and bloodstone for grounding. These crystals will aid your heart-expansion and healing – rose quartz, rhodochrosite, rhodonite.

Flowers have healing properties and roses are especially healing for the heart. Put pink, red, or white roses at your bedside while you sleep.

Another way flowers help us is as Flower Essences. My favorite company for these is called FES – Flower Essence Society. Flower essences help heal us on mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, transmuting patterns of imbalance and old-paradigm operating systems. Look up the patterns of imbalance you’re dealing with to find the ones that are right for you.

Employ tinctures to strengthen and fortify you. Chaga mushroom, ashwagandha, and coleus forskolli are adaptogens that support your immune function and balance your energy. Rose tincture helps heal the heart and feels beautifully uplifting.

Sacred union. If you’re able to to partner in Sacred Union in a loving, connected manner, do so. You can also do this within yourself, for yourself. Hold the vibration of love and engage in acts of sacred sexuality to merge consciousness of divine Masculine & Feminine energies. Engaging in a loving, connected, conscious way brings divine healing down through you and your partner rippling out across the third dimension to aid healing for All, including Mother Earth.

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I love you all. Be well.