Sacred Ceremony and Personal Ritual

Your special event is significant and should leave a lasting impression

Ceremonies and rituals mark a moment in time, and align your desires with corresponding universal energies. You are telling the universe where you stand, what your intentions are, and aligning with supportive energy. I help you create custom ceremonies and rituals to make meaningful, lasting impressions that elevate your experiences and resonate throughout your life.


Here’s what others are saying –

“Lisa’s ritual work is amazing. Her sense of presence during ritual is inspiring and beautiful. Whether she is a leader of a ritual or participant in one, she never fails to bring me to a personally emotional place at some point in the ritual. I am always honored to work together in ritual with Lisa and cannot imagine what my rituals would be like without her.” – Michael Runningdawn


“Sharing Sacred Space with Lisa has always been a wonderful and Magickal experience. She brings out the best in you and reminds you how powerful you truly are. Her passion, love and dedication to her path, are undeniably felt through everything she is.” – David A. Villavicencio





It’s not just your special day, it’s one of the most important days of your life. A lot of planning and thought goes in to this event, and even more goes in to planning the life you will lead with your chosen partner.

Your ceremony is a very important bridge that not only unites two lives in to one, it also ties together your dreams, intentions and plans for the future. You don’t want just any run-of-the-mill ceremony and standard “I dos”. You want your ceremony to reflect your uniqueness as a couple, as well as the beautiful life you intend to create.

As an Ordained Minister, I’ve had the honor of performing custom wedding ceremonies since 2000. Each couple and every situation is unique. I’ve worked with people from all walks of life, differing belief systems, and blended situations. I communicate with each couple to find out who they are, and their vision, crafting a ceremony that embodies them. They go over it and provide feedback until together, we get it “just right.”

I’m available to craft your ceremony for your special day (if you live far away) or to craft and perform your ceremony. Please inquire about rates, as they vary depending the situation and travel.

Sacred Ceremony

If you are hosting an event, retreat, or festival, you want your participants to have a transformative, peak experience – Sacred Ceremony does exactly that. It effects the psyche on intuitive, primal levels, while bringing folks together in a shared space with shared intentions.

Don’t settle for hum-drum opening & closing ceremonies – you want them to make a significant impression. Let your opening ceremony  set the tone by letting people know what they are about to experience, set expectations, and signal that the event is beginning. Your closing ceremony should perfectly encapsulate the experience and provide closure – a doorway to pass through from the peak experience of your event, back to daily existence.

Let a skilled professional create and lead your rituals to provide the most amount of impact. I’ve been creating and leading group rituals since 1999, and never fail to move people. I have an instinct for feeling the vibe of an event, the people involved, and can capture the feeling you most want to convey.

Initiations & Rites of Passage

Marking important events and milestones is part of how we celebrate life. Whether it’s a graduation, coming-of-age, or a special achievement, engaging Sacred Ceremony to signify the passing of one phase of life to another helps everyone to integrate the changes inherent in the new status. Your ritual lets the world know that something significant has taken place, and cues a new way of being to the psyche of your initiate(s).

Including a meaningful ritual as part of your celebration, makes an impact, and creates a container for emotional and spiritual connection among the participants. This kind of ritual can be used in many instances – baby blessing, coming of age, graduation, parenthood, marriage, divorce, death, opening a new business, and completion of a major achievement or hardship, etc. I will help you construct a unique, expressive ritual to suit the situation, and then facilitate it, or provide support to you so you can conduct it.

Clearings & Blessings

Let’s face it – sometimes in life there is negativity. Negative people or situations can have an effect on us personally, and on the space we occupy.  That kind of energy leaves behind what I refer to as psychic slime. You can feel it in a room after an argument, and you usually feel it after an unpleasant interaction with someone. When you move in to a new home, you want it to be clean, but don’t you also wonder what kinds of things took place there, before you moved in? Was there a nasty divorce, did anyone ever die in that home, or was it built on an old battlefield? Those kinds of situations leave behind an energetic imprint of negativity that you don’t want or need. It’s best to cleanse, clear, and bless a space after any negativity. Often, we need to perform personal clearings and cleansings to be rid of the psychic slime from others.

I can help you clear your space of that unwanted, yucky energy, using ancient, tried-&-true techniques. If there are ghosts present, I have an associate who is a gifted medium that we can call in for help.

Personal Rituals for Any Occasion

Looking for a great new job? Want to meet the love of your life? Saving money to go on your dream vacation? Or maybe you’re giving up a tough addiction, and could really use some healing and support? Perhaps you are in a major period of self-growth and want to call in guidance from the Divine.

Ritual is a wonderful way to let the Universe know what it is that you desire and want help with. Ritual is prayer in the form of action. You are saying words, making gestures, taking actions, and using objects, to align your desires with corresponding energies in the Universal Field.  The more ways you find to broadcast your desires to the Universe, the better. Whatever it is that you need help with or want to create and manifest in your life, ritual can help. Let’s create a powerful, deeply meaningful, personal ritual to aid you in achieving your dreams.