If you are a sensitive person, and you feel things more intensely than the next person, it is likely you are an empath.


Empaths are folks whose most acute sixth sense is one of feeling. They feel and sense everything – including other people’s energy & emotions, the collective energy of the world, and the effects of environmental ravaging that is happening to our Earth Mother.


They often feel when something is “off” or when there is tension in the air.


If you suspect you are an empath, it’s vitally important to take care of yourself and love yourself, so as not to be overwhelmed by all the feelings and energy that are constantly bombarding you. Before I make suggestions about taking care of yourself, I’d like to explain something I think of as psychic slime, or psychic debris.


Psychic slime is the leftover energy of a negative, stressful situation or person. It is a sticky energy entity that attaches to you in your energy body, made up of your chakras, aura, and other energetic anatomy.


Typically, psychic slime will attach to your aura and you won’t necessarily be aware of it because there are so many things coming at you. And, sensitive people tend to zone out and numb themselves with outlets like sugar, caffeine, alcohol, video games, shopping, and other addictive behaviors, so they don’t have to feel so much.


When our energy body becomes cloudy or weighed down with this dark, sticky sludge, we feel tired, overwhelmed, brain-muddled, depressed, anxious, down, off our game – I could go on here, but you get my point.


Sometimes we “pick up” this slime by being around others, we sense or feel their stuff – mental chatter, emotional baggage, or their own psychic slime. They may not have full awareness of the vibe they’re putting off, and they may not be conscious of the mental chatter and the grip it has on them.


We may even be feeling the effects of other’s negative thoughts and feelings that they are projecting upon us!


As Empaths, we make ourselves more vulnerable to psychic slime by not taking care of our needs, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


We make ourselves vulnerable by engaging in someone else’s drama or triggers.


We make ourselves vulnerable by descending in to negative thinking, habits, patterns.


What can you do?


Practice good Psychic Hygiene!


Take excellent physical care of yourself by eating healthy, whole foods, moving your body, resting, getting plenty of sleep, drinking lots of water, etc.


Also, daily meditation and time alone are crucial to your mental & emotional health.


In an energetic sense, it helps to clear out clutter, keep a clean environment, and regularly (at least twice a month) cleanse the energy of your space through smudging and circulating fresh air.


You must also cleanse your own energy field on a regular basis. A dip in the ocean is great, so is energy work done by a skilled healing practitioner, and soaking in a tub full of salted water (1-2 cups of sea salt or Himalayan salt, and a cup of baking soda) for at least 20 minutes.


You must ground yourself through physical activity, getting out in nature, hugging a tree, walking barefoot on the Earth, and by being present with your feelings.


Check in often and sense what’s happening inside you. If there’s something off – take a few deep breaths then ask yourself “What am I feeling? Where is this coming from? Does this belong to me?” Often, you will find that what you are sensing is, in fact, not yours. Then, release it through breathing, turning the energy in to light, placing it in a crystal, and/or grounding it in a plant or the earth.


You must also shield yourself by envisioning protective light around you (as pictured below.) use white, pink or blue light and see it surrounding you as though you were inside an egg made up of loving light energy.


There are more things you can do, but this is a great start. Here’s the thing – because you are an empath, you must set boundaries and take care of yourself in the ways I’ve mentioned, in order to stay healthy, happy, and well-balanced.


Seriously, your choices become very limited – you can take care of yourself or not – and I know you want to live a fulfilling life. It becomes non-negotiable.


Here’s the good news – most empaths have innate healing abilities! That is precisely why we were given this trait of *feeling*, so we can feel, sense and understand other’s pain, emotions and situations.


But, we are not supposed to take on their “stuff.” We can empathize, and gently, lovingly help or guide them to the answers that lie within themselves.


If you would like to know more about self-care for empaths, contact me. Let’s find clear, easy ways that work for you and your lifestyle. And, if you are interested in exploring your innate healing abilities, I teach and mentor budding healers and would love to help you further develop your gifts!