Natal Chart Reading


Natal chart readings are powerful ways to learn more about yourself, your gifts, and your challenges in life. Each reading lasts 75-90 minutes, is done in-person, or via Zoom so it can be done anywhere, and recorded. After purchasing contact me to schedule your reading.


When you were born the planets and the stars were aligned in a unique way. Think of it as the special recipe that makes you who you are. This special alignment informs your challenges in life, your gifts, talents, and more.

As the planets move through time and space, their energy affects what happens here on Earth and they affect you depending on your natal astrological chart.

You’ll learn your rising sign, your moon sign, and why those are important, along with a lot of other things that will only make sense to you. It’s like having permission to be exactly who you are – without apology.

This is great fun, and incredibly insightful. You will feel validated and inspired to be your most authentic self.