I was invited to an annual Solstice gathering and Slava feast hosted by some very dear friends. Part of the invitation was to bring a reading, poem, or something of the like to share.

I went through some poetry and books that inspire me, but didn’t find that just “right” thing. Two books I consulted had some “almost right” things. Those books, both by Marianne Williamson, contain lovely prayers I’ve used or turned to many times over the years.

As it typical of me, I take parts of the prayers, add my own words and phrasing, and make up the “just right” prayer for me, for the occasion I seek to address. And, of course, true to my nature, that is exactly what I did in this case.

While much of what you read is inspired by Williamson’s work, much of it is also my own. I owe her credit and appreciation for the boost in making this prayer what I wanted and needed it to be.

I think the power of this prayer is best felt and experienced when read aloud.


Lisa <3


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A Prayer for Love and Light at Solstice

O great and gracious Divine
May there come over this Earth a great and glorious light
Changes that would shift this world
Away from sorrow, and into peace
Away from pain and suffering, and into joy
Away from war and hatred, and into love.

Please show us how to love.
Teach us how to extend our light into the lives of others.
Remove from us the barriers to our souls,
So that we may discard the armor that guards our hearts,
And keeps us from vulnerability.

Dissolve our resistance to joining and connection.
Heal our resistance to love in all its forms.
Let us not shut down.
We wish to show up with pure and noble hearts,
That we may midwife perfection in ourselves and others.
May we see each other’s greatness and invoke each other’s light.

We surrender all the ways in which we block our love for each other.
We surrender our defenses.
Where we do not know how to behave, or are needy, or tend to control, or fix, or be dishonest,
Please, Beloved Divine, show us another way.

Where we would be distracted, or addicted, or otherwise not present,
Please help us to show up fully present, in our earthly bodies.

May all sorrow depart,
May all disease end,
May war cease and fighting stop,
May every tear be wiped,
May doubts dissolve and be replaced with hope.
May all hearts heal and gladden,
May we not forsake each other.
May the world be reborn and healed from the trauma and misunderstanding of the past.

We surrender ourselves to You.
We surrender our love to You.
Beloved Divine, we offer ourselves as vessels for Your Light and Healing,
May it serve Your purpose.
May this world graciously receive the blessing of Your Love and Light.
We are grateful.
Blessed Be.

(Note: some phrases were borrowed and edited from the works of Marianne Williamson from her books Illuminata and Illuminated Prayers)