What does it take before you give in to the pain?

The pain of not feeling good. Of shame and guilt.

The pain of depletion. Or the pain of destroying your relationships.

What about the pain of a body wracked with health issues?

The pain of burden from taking on too much – work, worry, lies, other people’s stuff….

When do you give into the pain and make it your ally?

Pain is a Guide.

Pain exists to get your attention. It points to the thing(s) that need your attention. The things that need to change in order for you to live your life in fullness.

When pain arises, it’s a heads up, an invitation to go deep within and heed its call.

Pain invites you to listen. Pay attention. Witness. Notice. Be *Present*. Become aware.

Whether it’s an addiction

Unhealthy habits or behaviors

Not being honest with yourself

Staying stuck in a job, relationship, or situation that drains you

Not taking care of your body Temple

Giving your power and sovereignty over to a boss, doctor, partner, parent, government…

Numbing out won’t help you. It prolongs the pain. Numbing turns pain into sickness, depression, anger, sadness, disgust, shame, guilt, cancer (actual or cancerous thoughts.)

Ultimately numbing is sabotage.

How are you going to listen to the Truth of your pain?

How can you love it for the wisdom it provides?

I can honestly say that pain has helped me to turn things around in my life. It’s helped me come to realize that I had/have health issues that require my attention and changes. It helped me put an end to unhealthy relationship patterns.

Pain taught me that my depression is really unexpressed grief from childhood emotional pain stemming from abandonment and not being celebrated for the full-of-awesome kid I was.

If you have pain, you don’t have to carry it around with you. Your identity doesn’t have to be wrapped up in holding onto the pain of something that happened to you.

Sometimes pain needs to be acknowledged, witnessed. FELT.

Can you simply give in? Ask pain what it’s saying/teaching you.

Then, L I S T E N

Photo by Misumi Photography