On BEcoming Through Maturing

On BEcoming Through Maturing

New hair – who’s this?


I’m asking this question of myself.

As I confront becoming an “older, more mature” woman whose staring at the last third (or end of the third quarter) of life, I want to know Her. Exploring what it means, what it looks like, to become a Wise Woman.

For the last few years I’ve been looking up older women for inspiration: celebrities , public figures, women I personally know who emulate and embody what I’m looking for.

What do they look like?

What do they wear?

How does grey hair look?

What does it mean to soften?

How do they emulate grace?

Are they wrapped up in maintaining youth?

Are they getting facelists? Botox? Fillers?

Are any of those things aligned for me?

Do I want to allow the maturing of my visage?

Or do I strive against the process? And to what degree?

Who is in integrity with the transformation of maturing?

Of this I am clear – we get to choose how we want to grow with age.

To me, that means embracing certain aspects of aging, and taking the best care of my beautiful body temple, possible.

Hardcore workouts are a thing of the past. My body doesn’t want or deserve punishment. It wants and deserves my love. It prefers yoga, dance, stretching, hiking and walking.

My body temple doesn’t want sugar anymore. It’s communicating it’s disdain for certain foods and environments. I’m listening.

Making this change in my hair is an outer reflection of the inner growth I engage. Cutting off the old, damaged hair and letting my beautiful silver strands emerge.

While studying older women, I see the lines, the change in skin, the gorgeous ways silver hair lights up one’s face. I think they’re gorgeous. I strive to see the same in myself. It’s a practice in observation, acceptance and compassion.

I also feel blessed because I have genetics gifts as well as solid practices that keep me looking and feeling healthy and vibrant.

There are women I used to adore that are now disappointing. They’re so full of fillers and plastic surgery that they look strange. And those same women seem to be bypassing their aging. Their personalities feel out of integrity. It honestly saddens me.

Some celebrities that are my same age look great. Some look “too good.” I wonder if they look that good in one-dimensional images, how they actually appear in third dimensional reality.

Grace, radiance, softening and beauty from within are my intentions.

Part of my inquiry involves an exploration of what it means to be an elder. I’m searching within myself for these answers, because I get to CHOOSE.

Awareness informs me that being of a certain age and station in life affords me experience and wisdom that a younger me couldn’t begin to grasp. I embody that knowledge.

My friends who are of a similar age and I have attained mastery of sorts. We are in the stage where we have few elders to turn to for deeper understanding. Instead, we engage rich conversations and sharing that help each other. Your process and evolution provide me pieces that fill in my puzzle- my own understanding. While I provide you my own experiences, your puzzle gains more pieces. The bigger picture of life becomes more full and complete. I freakin’ LOVE THIS.

If you’ve not yet begun to unearth these questions and BEcoming within yourself, I invite you to stay tuned. I’ll be writing and sharing more.

Also, you may find that your own BEcoming reveals these questions and this inquiry lie beneath the surface.

Thank you for being part of and witnessing my evolution. There’s so much more curiosity to explore.