The purpose of this reading is to provide guidance and insight about the kind of energy inherent in this powerful astrological configuration. And, to give you some insight as to the best ways to harness and work with the energy leading up to the Full Moon in 2 weeks.

Overall, this reading talks of new beginnings, cycles, and working with our breathing to stay centered.

Dolphin – Dolphin speaks to you of breathing and the rhythms of life. She tells you that in order to flow with the cycles of your body and of life, you must breathe the life force energy in to your body. Each breath you take infuses life-giving oxygen in to your cells, referred to in ancient cultures as prana, chi, or manna. Dolphins learned a long time ago to use their breath in rhythmic patterns to connect to the Divine energy coming from Great Spirit. Breathwork is also used to break the limitations and dimensions of physical reality so that you may connect to the Divine and bring back gifts of messages, and answers. Be mindful of your body rhythms and the patterns of energy being fed to you from the Divine. Ride the waves with Dolphin, and break the barriers that keep you locked in to patterns that don’t serve you.

Tumbled Stones – Today marks a new beginning – a new way of looking at life and the world around you. You are being infused with light and blessings. Relax and allow this wondrous healing to occur. You are a natural born healer who heals through the power of love. Many will be attracted by your light and seek your help and advice, and you will empower them with your love and wisdom as you help them to see their own inner light and beauty.

Tara – Tara is known to help those who call upon her in tumultuous times of need, to steer a clear path, to find the stillness and strength within. She reminds you to center and nourish your wholeness by going within and focusing on your awareness. Let the turmoil of life go on without you. It is difficult to hear your own voice amidst the frenzy of life. Go in to the calm, the quiet. Center yourself and breathe. When you return you will be stronger and more capable of dealing with what life has to offer.