The purpose of this reading is to provide insight into the energy of this New Moon, and to inform you of the best ways to work with the energy for the Highest Good. Each Alchemical reading consists of three cards – one from the Medicine Card deck, one form the Crystal Oracle deck, and a card from the Goddess Oracle deck.

The overall sense I’m getting from these cards is that it’s time to love yourself fiercely, and to assert yourself more than ever, towards your goals. Ask yourself if your restlessness is better channeled in to rest and meditation? Or taking action and being assertive in your endeavors? New Moons are great times to set new intentions and goals, and work with them for the following 28 days, riding the wave up to Full Moon and back again. This New Moon in Cancer is feeling like a great time to start fresh and build momentum. Here are the nitty-gritty details….



Badger – The power of Badger medicine is the ability to be aggressive and fight for what you want. Badgers have a reputation for being vicious and quick to pounce, tearing their opponents to shreds.

Many powerful medicine women have Badger as a totem ally. Badger lives beneath the ground, in a burrow. It therefore sees, and is the keeper of the medicine roots. These roots are the key to aggressive healing as they ground negative energy in to the Earth by allowing it to pass into the ground as neutral energy.

Badger has much to say and you should heed the words that resonate most to you. You may be too quick to express your emotions without care for the consequences. Badger may also reflect the aggressive healer who will have the courage to use unconventional means to exact a cure. Not giving up until healing has been achieved. Badger medicine people do not give up on their dreams and goals. They are often the “boss” or the one that keeps everything going. They get the job done.

Ask yourself these questions – Have you been too meek in trying to attain your goals? Have you been expressing your anger in an unhealthy way? Do you feel helpless in some way? Do you lack aggressiveness or initiative? Take some time to go within and reflect on these questions. Then, maybe journal and explore the answers you find.

It may be time to use your anger to fuel you. Get angry about what you want to change, then find creative ways to channel that anger energy and DO SOMETHING that brings you closer to your goals. Put pictures and/or words around your environment that help you keep your sights set on the outcome you desire. Your anger is best used to get you moving and taking action. Do not allow apathy as an option!

Do not use your anger against yourself or another in harmful ways – that is too much aggression. Be constructive with it, instead. Or find ways to get it out of your system and release it harmlessly.

Use Badger’s healing to remove internal barriers and find new expressions of Self. Stay grounded and let the old, negative crap pass down into the Earth.




Ruby – This is a stone of true love and passion. You will soon find yourself glowing with new-found feelings of joy and wonder. Reflect on all you have to be thankful for and the special memories you hold dear. Release and forget the bad times, holding on to the love that was present then. Love yourself with fierceness and forgiveness, which is a sure way to usher in renewed love in all your relationships.




Sophia – Goddess of Wisdom, female soul, source of God’s true power, wears many faces – Black Goddess, Divine Feminine, Mother of God. A fecund, pregnant Sophia offers her cup of wisdom to you. She urges you to become still and look inward to listen, feel, see, and know what guidance needs to come through. Sophia wants you to connect to your own deep, enriching wisdom and guidance. Are you in a pattern, doing the same thing or finding yourself in similar situations, over and over again? Taking the time to truly settle in to your inner Sophia can reveal your next action steps, and provide means to transmute the old patterns once and for all. As you go within, find where She resides – where is it located? What does it look like? Smell like? Feel like? Once you find Her, you can return to your inner Sophia again, and again. Use this time to push past the old limitations and patterns. You can do it! Everything you need to know is inside you.