In 2014 I wrote something of a manifesto.

Reading through it again today I find it still fits in many ways.

Have you ever written something like this?




As your friend

I want what is best for you, and for you to be happy and healthy in all ways. Always.

As your Priestess

know that I am at ease with being your catalyst – wherever that may lead. Hopefully to your highest self and best good. May I propel you towards your deepest desire and innermost dreams – however difficult they may be to attain. May I invoke in you an unending need to delve, to know, to change & grow, to soar – towards attainment and to feel every feeling and embrace each process along the way. I will help you to be more present in your choices and in the moments that truly count – Not checked out through drugs, alcohol, sugar, food, sex…. Or anything else. I will call you out from all those places where you hide from life, from yourself, from Truth. And I will show you the mirror so that you may gaze upon that which you need to see.

As your lover

I am at ease with the outcome. Even if that means you are no longer part of my life. I give gratitude for your presence in my life and to you for showing me more of what I want and do not want in my life and relationships. For you are a catalyst as well. My God and my Priest. You show me the way to my Truth every time.

As a lover

I will not hide my love away, but will show you my heart. I will invite you to infinity and ecstasy because I know the way there. You and I together will know the delicious, feral, other-wordly realms of magick and spirit that exist within us and that were forgotten by time and society. We will share the intimacy of love and friendship that creates epic romance, love and partnership. Not allowing ourselves to get lost in the day-to-day living and managing of things. We will pull each other back to life and what is truly important when the other gets lost or confused. We will show our innermost selves and hold up the mirror that allows us to know when we are being false. And, the mirror that shows our True Beauty – that which shines from within. Prepared to unearth the brilliant souls that we hide and bury with shame and fear.

And I will remain open.

Vulnerable, Raw. Naked soul. My heart broken wide open. Saying the things you can’t stand to hear, showing you what your soul longs to see, sharing the best and worst parts of me and life.

As a Witch and healer

I will always push against the barriers and tensions. I will dig deep, explore every primal urge, feel every emotion, dream the fantasies in to being and dream the prophesies that inform reality. I will bleed. I will create. I will destroy. I will cry, scream, love…

I light the way to dreams – the path that requires sacrifice and passion, dedication and willingness to rise above our human limitations.