Pluto is Retrograde and Saturn turns retrograde at the beginning of next week. Here are some themes to be on the lookout through September:

Darkness is not bad. It is our teacher. Cocoon. Cave.
The velvet womb from which we are reborn.

It is the night sky in all of its resplendent beauty – stars, the moon, and stillness.

There is a well-known phenomenon called “the Dark Night of the Soul” when an individual (or society) enters a time of deep growth and understanding.
It’s a time when all the hidden shadows are confronted and seen, and later healed through acceptance and integration.

It means sitting with ugliness, discomfort, shame, and wounding.
It’s sitting without numbing, without turning to distractions, or falling into complacency.

We acknowledge the dark, ugly truths (or lies we believe) about ourselves, and use that new awareness to make different choices. We must look deep within at the Shadows of our souls to see where we must let go.

The most potent magic and alchemy right now (and for a while) is what you are releasing, letting go of, stepping away from, and eliminating.

These themes are paramount:
Leadership – the kind that feels uncomfortable, not easy or convenient.

We must hold ourselves to higher standards if we are to evolve and help heal the Earth Mother.

Love, compassion and forgiveness are often the means that bring about the most healing. Especially when applied to oneself.

Here are questions to ask yourself repeatedly over the next two years-

Q:How can I be more in my integrity?
Q:What is clearly not working?
Q:How can I innovate and simplify my life/work/etc?
Q:Where can I create space and emptiness?
Q:What drama can I step away from?

This is some of the biggest-deal, most intense astrology of our time. This process is sped up over the next two years, and will bring about radical change in society, and within each of us, if we are paying attention.

Time is also a factor. It’s not a fast forward to Light – a chrysalis takes time in the cocoon before it can come out, dry its wings, and fly.