As we gaze upon Mother Earth at this time, may we remember that She is everything we touch, see, feel, hear, smell, taste, experience…

May our gratitude and reverence for Her be eternal.

For without Her, we simply would not be.

Everything we have comes from Her. Through Her.

She nourishes and provides.

She is Earth, Moon, Water, fiery passion, the very air we breathe,

And yet, Her astonishing beauty takes our breath away.

Especially now – at Her most fertile – the height of Her fecundity.

She blossoms, exposing Her desire.

Flirtatiously flaunting her fragrant flowers.

Shameless in Her glory and desire for love and fulfillment.

Observing Her, we come to know ourselves more profoundly:

Our primitive selves understanding the need to blossom and ripen in Spring and Summer, then to shed and stand naked in Autumn and Winter.

She sets an example that society would shame:

That is being ourselves, loving ourselves,

EMBODYING our most authentic selves

Without apology.

That in so doing, we bless Her and each other, stirred to soar to new heights and growth.

Witness Earth and She witnesses us.

Photo by Mia Darling