Originally written/published September 20, 2012


Many years ago, I read a very important book – You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay, the founder of Hay House Publishing. This book is life-changing and, at the time it was published, it was truly ground-breaking. Louise learned through her own struggle with cancer and through working with the AIDS community, that disease and health issues stem from unhealthy or negative mental and emotional patterns. To help heal these issues, Louise found that by using affirmations and positive statements to replace the old, unhealthy ones, people were changing their thoughts, their health and their lives!!! If you were to ask me which book on healing I most recommend, “You Can Heal Your Life” is it.In fact, by just reading the book and doing the exercises therein, it feels like healing and transformation are taking place. After I read it, I began using and working with affirmations and noticed I began feeling more positive and witnessed my life getting better. My thoughts became much more positive and less self-critical. I felt inspired. It was as if my mind had become different, somehow. Like the “ho-hum” thinking switched to “life is good & so am I.” Every copy of You Can Heal Your Life that I’ve ever had, has been loaned out – permanently – to other people. I never get the book back when I loan it someone, and knowing how transformative it is to read, I would never presume to ask for it back. I know that people need it.

A few years ago, after attending my first “I Can Do It’ conference, I took away mountains of inspiration as well as tools for growth and self-awareness. I was reminded of the power of affirmations and began using them again, daily. Again, I saw my mood become lighter, happier, more hopeful and full of possibility. My life began to shift and change. I even found the courage to leave my not-so-happy marriage of 11 years. I have been working with and using affirmations ever since. I have some I do all the time, some for certain situations and some that change or evolve as my life changes and I evolve. I think of my affirmations as sowing seeds of intention in to the Universe.

This past weekend, I attended Hay House publishing’s “I Can Do It” conference in Washington, D.C., feeling very uplifted and full of inspiration! As I listened to Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson talk about the power of affirmations, I was again reminded of just how truly life-changing affirmations are. They discussed how using affirmations to love oneself can help to bring about miracles in thinking and life experiences. Realizing that I had been down on myself a bit lately, I decided to employ some new ones (really, just some that I forgot about.)

Here are a few affirmations I like to use:
(a new one I now use upon waking in the morning while looking in to a mirror) “Hi beautiful! I love you, just the way you are”
“My income is always increasing”
“I am thriving – physically, financially & spiritually”
“I am love. I am light. I am Goddess”
“I am open to possibility. Wonderful new opportunities present themselves to me.”
(I have MANY more – this is just a small sampling)

Ok, I do love myself – I really do! And I don’t feel at all funny telling myself that in the mirror. It feels good to me. Not everyone will feel good doing this one right away, but I challenge you to look in the mirror every morning and tell yourself that You love You and see what happens when you keep it up for a while. The way I see it is that I know some pretty wonderful people, and those folks love me. If those wonderful people that I love and look up to love me, then I must be pretty wonderful, too. And I also know what is in my heart – LOVE. Love of the truest, most altruistic kind. Love for people (yes, even strangers), animals, the earth, the work I do, love of life, plants, etc. I am not always perfect in my love, but I strive to be loving even & especially when it is challenging.  I look for the Divine in all beings.

Think about the parts of your life that could be better. Then, create affirmations around what you would like to see happen or change. The Universe will receive your affirmations like an instant message, so keep them in the present tense. And, find ways to keep them positive, even if dealing with difficulties like addiction. For example, “I always choose to eat foods that are nutritious and supportive.” Or, “I easily avoid foods that do not support my best health.” Create a few affirmations and then repeat them to yourself out loud, or in silence, or write them down. Practice this each day, preferably in the morning, to help set a positive, upbeat tone for the day.

I love me. I love you!