The planets are beginning to turn forward. Beginning with Pluto on October 6th.

When planets station to turn – forward or backward – we feel it. And, it can be tough to discern why we feel what we feel.

Here’s my love letter to Pluto- Lord of the Underworld:

Ah, Pluto
An Ode to you.

Dark One, I feel your station. It’s like the slowing of movement while time speeds ahead.

You speak to us of Death and Darkness. Stillness.

Death and life are inseparable. You teach us the impermanence, exquisite beauty, and preciousness that life holds. Death keeps life in balance, humbles us.

Death is such a mysterious Grace – touching us in profound ways. Changing us, our world.

While we ponder, even venture to guess what lies Beyond, there’s no way to know for sure.

Pluto, you hold the Key.
Death is the deepest mystery, the final mystery, and the ending to this linear, third-dimensional existence.

And, perhaps, the door to all the magic and mystery beyond this dimension.

Dark One, you remind us that one of the most important things we do is celebrate life – whether through birth, a birthday, great accomplishments, and perhaps most importantly through death.

Every day gives us that opportunity.

As we enter the Dark time of year,

You ask us to be as Persephone – to go underground, to sit with the discomfort of metamorphosis, to allow the falling away, to witness the death of things, to utterly love Darkness, to embrace our shadows.

I will prostrate at your feet, ‘O Dark One.
I will dance for you, with you.
I will hold my shadow with ardor.
I will revel in Earth’s shedding, and follow Her example.
I will celebrate my insidious, devious, lustful ways.
I will make love to you, and receive your deep, tender affection.

Please teach me the ways of transformation that only you know.
Show me my true worth through your adoration.
Shower wealth upon me.
Remind me the preciousness of life, so that I may be more reverent.
Break down those false barriers that I think keep me safe.

For I am you.
You are Everyone and everywhere.
I am your dark daughter.
And, I am Persephone – your lover/Beloved.
~Lisa C. Adams