Venus Retrograde

“Could you stand to let me

Love your demons?

The beast within

Rendered tame by

One gaze upon

Pure love

Would you fall apart completely

If I loved all your nastiest secrets?

Broken open,

My touch soothing

Every sharp, jagged pain

You possess

Would your heart run away

From love’s unflinching witness?

All your self-loathing crimes

Looked upon through love’s gaze

Compassion becomes your

Sentence and redemption

Could you surrender your burdens

Long enough to be worshiped?

Your scars and aches, blemishes and flaws

Laid bare

Your body the altar

Upon which I fervently pray

Would you run away if

I told you I see your treasure?

Lying in the murky depths

Of your most ruined places

Ancient, buried, forgotten

Let’s cherish the journey of excavation

Have you ever truly seen

Your own terrible beauty?

My light will shine upon

The mirror so you may look

Our eyes feasting upon your magnificence

May we bow in reverence”

~ Lisa C. Adams, March 2017

Photo by Mina Habibi, Portrait Artist