It doesn’t feel good anymore.

I’ve been inside the realms of tantra, spirituality, and self-awareness – those thing that supposedly catalyze growth – for a very long time. (Longer than most)

As I see posts from others in the community, posts offering insights and challenges, I’m not *feeling* it anymore.

Answers aren’t exactly clear right now. Many feelings are surfacing that I’ve not made sense of yet.

I keep looking for ::more::

Something fresh and new. Something authentic and activating.

But I don’t see or feel those things being offered.

It feels hollow. Empty AF.

It’s not just me. I am clear that many so-called teachers and experts are asserting ideas and narratives that wreak of dogmatism.

While I get that the things that previously brought us joy or succor aren’t exactly doing that any longer, I wonder why I feel a lack of joy, an absence of connection, an emptiness, feelings of “that does not resonate” and “same old, same old.” Preaching to a choir of those who will listen; those who are unsure enough to overthink and question themselves. Repeatedly.

Please hear me!

You don’t have to follow the “code” or buy into a limited way of thinking.

You don’t don’t need anyone to tell you how to behave, how to heal, how to find love, how to understand, how to BE.

You/we are much more powerful than that.

Too many are taking the things I love and hold most dear – the very studies and practices I hold precious – and making them finite and absolute.

That’s not Tantra.

That’s not true spirituality or mysticism.

It irks me to no end when teachers and practitioners make these ancient esoteric teachings about people’s shortcomings. They work to make people feel less than, and as though folks have no clue.

It pisses me off that people are taking something as All-Encompassing as Tantra and making it about sex.

Fuck that shit.

These teachings in Truth are more expansive, more forgiving, and way more encompassing.

It’s not dogmatic. It’s not absolute. It’s not clear cut. Its not about having all the answers.

It’s about living into evolution and finding profound expansion.

It’s about being in integrity.

It’s about living fully in the world and finding the magic and truth in every little and big thing.

It’s leaving room for deeper awareness.

It’s about being ok with not knowing anything.

It’s about allowing space for the Universe/Spirit to show you the way in each precious moment.

It’s about finding new ways to think, be, act, revel.

It’s about surrendering to the Great Mystery of Life.

It’s about getting on your fucking knees and being bowled over by the exquisite, utter beauty and profundity of All That Is.

It’s also about knowing that you hold the Truth and the “codes” inside you because you live, breathe and exist on Earth in a 3D/5D reality.

Tantra Yoga teaches us to live as householders while working towards enlightenment, informing how we live as functional, contributing members of society in a 3D world and in (Western) society while embracing spiritual evolution and working towards stillness of mind.

It does include some specifics about sex and sexual energy, but that’s only about 8-10% of the teachings.

It’s about the yin/yang, Shiva/Shakti, light/dark, Masculine/Feminine, higher/lower, etc. paradoxes of the world in which we live – that includes the paradox of society versus spirit.

It’s a tool to navigate successfully in both worlds while living the fullness of Paradox. This includes the 3D Matrix as well as the Divine, Magical Realms.

You absolutely know the truth. You absolutely *are* pure unobliterated love.

You are whole and complete.

We need only to remind ourselves of our magnificence and magnitude.

We don’t need a bunch of “teachers” or gurus or anyone to break us down or apart. You/I/we do not have to be triggered, hurt, blown apart to find at every turn, to know love.

Growth, evolution and understanding don’t always have to be painful.

We can do this Work through love and vulnerability. We can do this Work by being :present:

We can tune in, trust, have patience, take care, and allow the Unfolding to occur.

The Tantra, Spiritual, self-growth communities are becoming too full of themselves. They forget the humility of crawling belly-down in the muck. They assume they have the answers. They prod and provoke to appear wise.

I’m over it.

My sincere desire is to find the Way through this facade and re-engage, re-emerge with a fresh, new perspective. My desire is to live simply, and powerfully.

How can we emerge from these false ideas and find a better way to THRIVE?

I don’t profess to know the answers. And, I can say that we must sit so fully with what is, allowing it to be, loving it all.