I wonder if we have an addiction to complaining?

I’ve noticed a lot of people doing a lot of complaining lately. I realize as I listen that I need to check myself to be sure I’m not falling into the same trap of negativity.

Some are even complaining about other people complaining! 😳

Here’s what I’d like to offer – clearly, if you/we/I are complaining, something needs to change. You’re/we’re/I’m not happy with something or someone. And, if that’s the case, it’s your/our/my responsibility to make the necessary changes. That might look like voting, or having an uncomfortable conversation, or doing things differently.

You/we/I must take responsibility for our own happiness.

Life isn’t perfect. It’s varied AF.

The variations are what makes it interesting and meaningful.

We are so effing privileged we complain about things that probably don’t truly matter in the large scheme of life.

We have never known real hunger or thirst.

We drink safe, clean water.

We have a warm, safe place to sleep.

We own more clothes, shoes, books, – STUFF – than most people throughout the world own. (They might have 1-2 pairs of shoes and a couple outfits.)

Most of us own cars.

Most of us have never had to flee our homes due to the violence of war.

I could go on here, but I hope you get my point.

Death is but a breath away in any given moment.

That person you/we/I’m complaining about may die tomorrow. And when that happens, how will you feel? Will you still be complaining? Will you feel regretful and miss them?

What if you lose that crappy job? First off – yay for you! But, will you be going on about how they fired you or laid you off? Maybe this is the kick in pants you needed to get into a better work situation.

What if we celebrated and appreciated our lives and the very things we whine/complain about/fret over?

Would that change something?

Here’s what I know – we have to bear down and do the work. Yes, the exact work we’ve been putting off, skirting around, trying to avoid, or looking for the quick, easy, better whatever (fill in the blank.)

We have to override our own resistance. We have to face the whatever-whoever-it-is and do it. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to take time. It may be uncomfortable.

It’s going to feel and look like baby steps at first. It will take consistency and persistence.

And, it will start to get easier.

Things will lighten up because that “whatever” won’t be hanging over you/us/me any longer. You’ll come into right relationship with yourself.

Your sense of integrity will feel AH-mazing.

Things will start to come together. And you’ll have worked through a pattern or ongoing problem/dilemma in your life. It will be DONE. ~Lisa C. Adams