Lately, as I’ve been working with clients, listening to what they are dealing with and going through, I’ve seen that so much of our unhappiness is self created.


We get caught up in the whirlwind of thought some refer to as the “ego mind,” and we ruminate on why we aren’t good enough, why something will never work, that we “should” do this, or “shouldn’t” do that, and so on, and so on.


Sound familiar?


Hey, we’ve all been there. Many of us live “there,” in that negative head space, or we visit frequently, choosing to limit ourselves and our lives by listening to that voice inside our head. And truly, most of us have more than one of those voices.


It helps to identify those voices – give them names, and, sense where in your mind or body they live. For example, my internal naysayer is named Negative Nancy and she’s in the right side of my head, towards the back, behind my ear. When you locate and identify those voices, it becomes easier to tune in to the voices within you that are your Higher Self, your intuition, your Angels and Guides.


Here’s another thing – a way toward healing. When you catch yourself going down the rabbit hole of self-criticism, see it as an opportunity.


It’s an opportunity to exercise self-love and self-forgiveness.


Self-love and forgiveness are True paths to healing and wholeness, regardless of the origin of the initial pain or trauma.


Treat yourself as you would treat someone you deeply love. Replace those negative thoughts with uplifting ones. And watch as shifts and miracles begin to occur.