The people who are destined to meet and come together to hold the planet in a container of Love, Truth, and Healing, are meeting up.

It’s a time of connection, and of deepening the intimacy in your current relationships of all kinds. Especially intimacy in the relationship to yourself.

Heart-opening and activation are flooding the third dimension from the cosmos. This flooding is also flushing out many old programs and can feel confusing. Bear with it, as things settle, the clarity starts to set in.

There are many circumstances where you may think you have the answer, or figured something out. Then – in a moment – EVERYTHING shifts. And you find yourself somewhere altogether different.

It’s intense. And beautiful. It’s an incredibly POWERFUL time.

Pay attention to who, where, and how people and situations are showing up in your life.

Check-in and ask yourself some questions:

How did this person/these people/this situation enter my life – what was the framework?

Why did we meet now?

What are we here to do?

How does this feel in my body?

Is this something I truly want? Or is this to show me what I do not want?

How did my thinking and intentions bring this into being? Do I feel/think/know differently now?

If I’m honest with myself, does this (person, place, situation) really align with my highest integrity? Why? Why not?

How can I live in the fullest integrity possible at this time?

Is it time to act? Or time to sit and *listen*?

Do I have all the answers I need?

Am I clear?

Does this feel like Yes? or No?

Be patient, breathe, and allow things to unfold naturally. Ask your Higher Power to reveal the ways in which you and others are meant to work together for the highest good. Get clear on what is true.

As you connect, hold an open heart and a vibration of love. This will create a container for authentic communication as well as contribute to the overall container of Love for All, built on a foundation of integrity and best alignment.

This may sound super sweet and woo-woo, but here’s why it’s so much more-

In holding a vibration of love, we anchor Truth, we see Truth more clearly. In so doing, we are better poised to act Justly and work for the social justice that’s long overdue.

It’s part of how we speak Truth to Power.

Be love in as many ways possible.