One of the most important lessons life has taught me is this –

Don’t be in such a rush to fill the empty spaces in life.

Instead see them as the gift they are – opportunities to reflect, restore, replenish, re-evaluate, rest, play, dream….

When everything is falling apart or blowing up around me, I’ve learned not to look at it as if it’s a problem.

It’s truly opportunity. Possibilities lie therein.

Life will hand us space when it’s time to shift, or when something important is trying to surface.

I’ve learned to honor those spaces so that if or when the time comes to fill them, only that which truly belongs filter through.

Shifting or reframing my perspective, finding the moment of growth. Asking, “What is trying to be born here?”

And staying open, confused, bewildered. UNCOMFORTABLE AF. Feeling all of the pressure. Witnessing my own anxiety and fear. Going deep beneath the surface.

That’s the space where the miracle, the shift in perspective can happen.

Then staying open and flexible and watch in amazement as things open up.

It took me 40-some years to learn what it means that “patience is a virtue.” There’s Grace in the space. ~Lisa C.Adams