Divine Feminine Power

There’s so much to say about the Divine Feminine and the wisdom of Yin/ Feminine energy bringing about balance, replenishment, love, empowerment, and renewed respect and love for our Earth Mother and all other living beings.

Divine Feminine energy teaches us that we are inherently divine at our core – children of divinity Itself.

I have been a Goddess-dedicated High Priestess since 1998 – which is to say that my role is one of Service Leadership. That role may look like leading ritual and sacred ceremony, teaching, leading, learning, and embodying the energy and teachings of the Goddess.

Being a Priestess is my highest Calling – at the core of all I do.

Here is a quick – and by no means exhaustive – take on some of the main feminine archetypes.

What do these archetypes teach us or model?

What would you add?

The Maiden is Awakening. She explores the world, the elements and her own sexual power with a zest and playful curiosity. She learns the consequences of how Her interactions create an affect on the world around Her

The Mother invites us to partner with others and create according to a shared vision. She also calls upon us to make sacrifices, and nurture. She begins to learn boundaries, take on responsibility, and realizes Her well runs deep. She steps away from youthful notions of pleasing men and accepts that Her body is made to sustain life. She learns what strength is all about.

The Queen (the fourth, missing archetype) calls us to recognize and take ownership of our Sovereignty. This is where we put ourselves and our welfare, needs, desires, etc., at the center of our creations, decisions, etc. This is the exercising of free will, pursuit of higher ideals and integrity, and acts of co-creation through agreements, not compromise. The Queen/Empress/Regent amasses all that is required for Her realm – her life – to flourish. She has gleaned plenty of wisdom, is done with BS, and strides through life with confidence. This is the the point of knowing that whatever life hands Her, She turns it to gold using the alchemy of Her accumulated life experience.

The Crone gives no fucks for things, people, situations, etc., that are without substance or Truth. She calls out impropriety, corruption, in-authenticity, falseness, and injustice. It is She who swings the hammer of karma, looks evil square in the eye, does what She wants without fear of judgement or consequence – because She IS JUDGEMENT and the consequence of a full life. She is not afraid of losing, because She has already lost a great deal. Possessions are not as worthwhile to Her as knowledge and the Power to wield it. There’s no deceiving the Crone.

 Ultimately, these archetypes know that we are the only ones who hold the power to make ourselves happy. We don’t hold the power to make others happy, nor do others have the ability to make us happy.



The Renegade Mystic, Lisa Adams