Divine Feminine Power

There’s so much to say about the Goddess. She has returned in Her full glory – showing the ways of healing, of love, of empowerment, of honoring Mother Earth.

The Divine Feminine is how we know we are Divine in nature – born of the Divine, children of divinity Itself.

I have been a Goddess-dedicated Priestess for over 20 years, leading ritual and sacred ceremony, teaching, leading, learning, and embodying the energy and teachings of the Goddess. Being Her Priestess is my highest Calling – at the core of all I do.

My heart is compelled to help other women *remember* their own Goddess Nature through coaching and mentoring, retreats, ritual, and through being Her living example.

Join me in my practices, my retreats, my workshops, my rituals – all Sacred Offerings to the Goddess in Her many guises. I work with many Goddesses and Goddess Archetypes: Lilith, Venus, Isis, Cerridwen, Kali, Lakshmi, Shakti, Athena – to name a few.