The purpose of this reading is to decipher the current energies related to the Full Moon, and to guide and inform us on how to best work consciously with energy so that we will benefit. This reading takes us from the Full Moon forward 2 weeks, until the New Moon. The cards are drawn as close as possible to the apex of the Full Moon, and consist of an animal totem from the Medicine Card deck, a card from the Goddess Oracle deck, and a crystal ally from the Crystal Oracle deck. Together, these cards inform our primordial selves with information that has been deeply encoded in our psyche for many lifetimes.

The cards drawn at the exact moment of the Full Moon are Rhodochrosite, Sheila Na Gig, and Armadillo. Overall, the cards suggest a dichotomy of softening and opening, along with an awareness of boundaries. The greater details lie below, along with some questions to ask yourself, and some exercises to guide you to the answers within.

Rhodochrosite – You are being called to examine the traits you don’t like in others, and, instead of judging them as bad, or avoiding them, look at the mirror they hold up for you; what is it that they reflect back to you, that you avoid or dislike within yourself? Cultivate a compassionate attitude and you will soon realize that the judgements we make about others, are the same judgements we make about ourselves. Develop forgiveness towards yourself and others, and see beyond your perceptions of “good” and “bad.” All of life, all relationships, are a mixture of positive and negative, helping us to broaden our understanding of life and love, and help us to see and accept more of who we are.

Sheila Na Gig – Perhaps you’ve had to close off, turn inward, and seek shelter as a result of wounding, grieving, or an ending of some sort. It’s likely you needed time to heal, sort out, and gather the pieces back together. Sheila Na Gig is here to remind you that a period of contraction is naturally followed by expansion and opening. It’s time to nurture wholeness by opening to new experiences, people, places, and things. Now is the time to begin new projects, forge new directions, and venture out boldly. Your wholeness is bolstered by integrating all that the expansion, opening, and stretching has to bring.

Meditate upon a doorway of your own imagination. Inhale and exhale as you see it forming and coming to life before you. On the other side of that door lies the Otherworld, where everything is possible. What do you need to see or know? Where do you need to open? What parts of you are closed off? It lies beyond that door. Open and pass through it. Then see what answers, images, messages, lie there for you. When you have received them, express your gratitude and pass back through.

Armadillo – This medicine is about boundaries; your boundaries are a gift that allow in what you want to experience, and help to shield you from that which you choose to define. It is time to decide what you are willing to allow, and what you prefer to say “no” to. Ask yourself these questions: Am I honoring the time I need for my personal enjoyment?

Do others treat me like a doormat?

Why do I always get upset when I’m taken for granted?

Is there a reason I am a “yes” person?

All of the answers to these questions relate to boundaries – what you will and won’t do; what makes you feel safe and comforted; and what makes you uncomfortable. You must know where your boundaries start and end, and where another’s personality stops, and yours begins. If you have no boundaries, you are like a sponge. You may walk in to a room and experience everyone else’s feelings as your own! Check in with yourself and ask if this feeling or that is really your own or someone else’s. Then use Armadillo’s armor to slice in between, separating yourself from them.

Conversely, it could be that you’ve been hiding or suiting up in so much armor that you think you are invincible and unable to feel. It is better if you open up and find the value and strength of your vulnerability. Vulnerability is the key to enjoying the gifts of life. In allowing yourself to feel, a variety of expressions become available, and great flow of wonderful experiences come in to your life. Instead of hiding, use the Medicine of Armadillo’s armor to deflect negative energy. In this way you are able to accept or reject any feeling, action, or energy flow without having to fear. Hiding may also mean not being fully honest with yourself about your true feelings. You have the power to rid yourself of doubts and fears, and touch the deepest parts of Beingness. You will know if you are doing the right thing in the moment. Is the armor becoming your jail, and your fears the jailer?

On a piece of paper, draw a circle and see it as your medicine shield. Inside the circle, write all that you are willing to have, do, and experience. Include those things that give you joy and that which you choose in your life. Outside the circle, you can put what you are willing to allow “by invitation,” as well as those things which you do not allow. The shield reflects what you are and what your will is to others, on an unconscious level. It shows your boundaries.