The purpose of this reading is to decipher the current energies related to the Full Moon in Capricorn, and to guide and inform you on how to work consciously with energy to capitalize on its benefits. This reading takes us from the Full Moon forward 2 weeks, until the New Moon. The cards are drawn as close as possible to the apex of the Full Moon, and consist of an animal totem from the Medicine Card deck, a card from the Goddess Oracle deck, and a crystal ally from the Crystal Oracle deck. Together, these cards inform our primordial selves with information that has been deeply encoded in our psyche for many lifetimes.

There are some lovely aspects represented here, with heart-opening, new ideas and creative expression, as well as fun, playful energy. Abundance, prayer, and gratitude are also featured. I can hardly think of more favorable aspects than these. Read on for more specific details and information on how to work with these energies.



Bast – Bast represents the life-giving, pleasurable aspect of the Sun, and rules pleasure, joy, music, dance, health and healing, the Moon, and cats (DUH!) She asks if you know how to play and what play means to you? Have you given any priority to playing? It’s likely you’ve been working so hard that you’ve forgotten to give yourself a break to play. Bast is urging you to come and play with her. She teaches that a wonderful way to nurture wholeness is to play. Discover which ways you enjoy playing, and do them.



Chrysoprase – Many wondrous experiences are in store for you! Chrysoprase helps open the heart center, allowing you to feel the presence of Divine unconditional love. A period of fertile creativity is upon you. You’ll give birth to new ideas that will reflect and align with your true Divine essence, enabling you to express that essence in a loving, compassionate way. As long as you remain true to yourself, you can create, manifest, and achieve all you desire. Listen to your heart, be guided by your intuition, and you will create the success and fulfillment you desire.



Buffalo – in Native American traditions, Buffalo is associated with the sacred pipe. The pipe represents the merging of masculine and feminine energies merging to seed Life. Pipe ceremonies “smoke” prayers in to being, and send them out to Great Spirit. Buffalo is also a symbol of great abundance, for it provided a major source of sustenance to the people. Buffalo was willing to be used for the highest good of all.
Ask yourself the following questions to be sure that you are aligned with the medicine of Buffalo:
Have I forgotten my eternal partner, Great Spirit?
Am I pushing myself too fast in the physical world, and keeping myself from seeing and knowing the importance of reunion with the Source of all life?
Have I forgotten to honor the ways of others and to afford them the same respect I wish to receive myself?
Do I feel that my life is being used for the highest good at this time?
Have I forgotten to be grateful for everything in my life – my friends, possessions, talents, health, family, etc?
Is it time to make peace with another, or to make peace with some inner conflict so I can walk in balance once again?

Use Buffalo medicine to give praise for the richness of life, and, for the sharing of that richness with all of life. Use the energy of prayer for others that their needs are met, that harmony prevails. Perhaps you need to be humble enough to pray for help for yourself. Then be grateful for what you receive. Recognize and honor the paths of others, and enjoy the peace that comes with knowing that all paths are sacred, albeit different from your own. Reconnect to the meaning of life, the Source of all that is, and praise the harmony of connection. Use your life for the highest good.


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