Evolutionary Burn

Evolutionary Burn

Hold on to your undies, my friends, cuz this ride is far from over! In fact, you may want to bring along a second, clean pair. 😳😬

I’m not a “doom and gloomer”

I am grounded and realistic. As well as a deeply mystical metaphysician and student/practitioner of ancient esoteric wisdom.

Therefore I offer you a look at one of the energetic perspectives I’m privy to, as it helps me understand the bigger, evolutionary perspective of events.

Astrology is an ancient system that provides language, context and meaning for events and energy currents as we experience them on Earth.

The planets are players – the Gods of Heaven – and illustrate that As Above, So Below.

There are MAJOR correlations between what happens in our personal lives and the World stage and the movement of the planets. Think of how different personalities relate in communities, but in this case they all think they’re God. (You get the idea – Drama, a hero’s journey, cycles….)

I want to share just some of the astrological aspects we’re encountering so you can see how they are affecting our country. And, so you can adjust these themes to see how they may fit into your own life.

Yesterday, Eris – goddess of discord and sister to Mars – went direct. She’s the goddess who shit-stirred up the events leading to the Trojan War.

There’s a New Moon in Capricorn at midnight EST on January 13 featuring the Sun conjunct Pluto.

Pluto is god of death and the underworld. It lives and thrives in the shadows, unearthing all the things we may not want to see. It also rules money. It rules cycles of Death and Rebirth.

The US is in its first Pluto Return. Think plutocracy. This will last for a couple more years or so since it’s a slow moving outlier.

Pluto in Capricorn challenges us to review our institutions, systems, and structures, the way we work, what we aspire to, and calls us to account.

Pluto played a huge role in setting off the pandemic. It’s calling us out by making us more still so we have no other choice than to confront our own shadow.

Once the shadow is confronted, we find the wealth beneath the wounds. It allows the shedding of old constructs, pain, and false notions of self. It reveals cracked foundations and faulty structures like those this country was founded upon – the blood of slavery and genocide.

The conjunction of the Sun and Pluto shines more light on these themes. It’s not hard to see how this has been playing out.

One way to correct this energy is to be sure you’re taking responsibility in all areas of your life and embracing integrity. This likely means that it’s time to confront things you’ve been avoiding. (Ahem, *coughs* self! *cough*)

Uranus and Mars will be conjunct in Taurus on January 20.

Taurus rules embodiment, sensual pleasure, resources, and may point to economics, agriculture, possessions and health.

Uranus is the god of explosions, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc., and is known as the Great Awakener. It brings chaotic events and wakes people from their complacency.

Uranus works for us by asking us how we want to evolve and do better.

Additionally, it’s now stationed in the sky – “stopped” – which makes it the planet who’s energy we feel the most.

As it gets back to moving forward out of retrograde on January 14, expect upheaval.

Mars is the god of war. It’s also about our health and life force, our anger, sex, and right use of force.

These two together can truly run amok.

Chaos, unpredictability, shocking circumstances.

(Think drunk, entitled frat guys with just enough science knowledge, illegal fireworks, pent up sexual frustration, wealthy, powerful parents, and wild hair up their asses, with no concern about consequences.)

Uranus is also making hard aspects to our current “heroes” – Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. This is the energy of Air and Earth colliding. These aspects will occur a few times throughout 2021 when these guys go in and out of retrograde.

Even as 2020 had crazy, unprecedented astrology that set many things in motion, so does 2021. We know that there’s a lot of work to be done. We know there’s no “going back to normal.”

That said, we must get into the habit of asking ourselves “What would make like better?”

“What brings me joy?” (Tough one for many right now)

“How am I out of integrity?”

“In what ways am I not living my best life?”

“What would make my community and country more inclusive, compassionate, sustainable? And, what can I do about that?”

For myself I can say that I carry hope and despite the effed-up $h1tshow, I’m grounded in trust in elemental and universal forces, myself, and humanity’s ability to rise above the fray.

I have no actual clue how we get through this gauntlet. But I’m eternally grateful and humbled to walked through it with you.

~Lisa Adams