It seems as though I’m becoming an “expert” in Shamanic Death. However reluctant.

Shamanic Death is a process of Ego Death wherein everything you know yourself to be, the things you identify with/as, the role(s) you play, the archetype you embody, must die.

When this occurs, life is changing on the most profound levels.

People leave

Job/career change

Health challenges

No longer enjoying the things you used to love

Feelings of uncertainty

The systems and structures you once counted on, fail you

You recognize ingrained behaviors and patterns and how they’ve directed your choices

Sometimes this death process comes as a result of graduation, divorce, birth, the passing of a loved one, menopause, and more.

But, that’s not always the case.

There are times when we are being called to the next, new expression or iteration of ourSelves. When we must relinquish all that we’ve held dear. When we let go of our entire fucking identity.

We may even have mastered our identity/archetype/expression/understanding of ourselves so much that it colors our perspective and how we interact with all of life. It’s our zone of excellence.

But, the Universe calls us out. It beckons us into our zone of Genius. It asks more from us. It needs us to show the fuck up in our lives. It needs us to be present and engaged so we can usher in a new way of BEing. A new way of life.

A new world.

The changes often start out small. Then get bigger. These changes are happening in your life and all around. They appear on the “outside” while inside the rumblings are much bigger. More terrifying. The Universe doesn’t mess around. It wants your full attention.

Earth-shattering. Eruption. Lightning strike. Tsunami. Tornado.

This may feel like sitting with pressure, discomfort, inertia, not knowing, no guarantee (not that there ever was one of those.) It’s such a profound experience you don’t even know how to explain it to your most beloveds. You feel it on a soul-deep level. (Akin to the primordial ooze phase of a cocoon.)

If you are able to recognize what is happening- that you’re in this process- it may become easier. You can then decide to actively let go, shed, release, and stay curiously open to the process. Thoughts might sound something like “Oh! There’s goes the next thing. And that person is on their way out. This situation sure sucks. There goes another person who’s not true blue….” and so on.

You bear Sacred Witness to it all. And marvel at the utter madness, ingenuity and beauty of it.

Here’s a hint: whatever you hold most dear is probably the very thing you must lay on the sacrificial Altar of Life.

I’m deep in the throes of my own death. Again. Again?! Yeah.

Apparently it’s embedded in me, this process. Or, I must secretly reallllllly, really love it. <eye roll> Or, it’s my mutherfucking Superpower.

There are other ways to engage your process. You can ritualize it through sacred ceremony: You can make an effigy and burn it (cremation), you can bury your former self/identity. Please do not hesitate to give it/you a loving memorial. And allow your tears, grief, laughter, pain – all of it – with compassion, forgiveness, gratitude. You wouldn’t be you (whoever or whatever that is) if not for that past you.

As you and I undergo our very personal dying experience, please know that the entire world is undergoing the same. Can you see it?

Furthermore, know that every ending ushers in something new. You get to be reborn.