Crystals as Healing Allies

Crystals as Healing Allies


I first began working with crystals in 1989!

As a child I always collected rocks and stones, especially the pretty ones.

My first crystal was a quartz point I would place on my third eye during meditation. It would vibrate! I still have it.

When working with crystals, one of my favorite ways is to wear them as jewelry. I’ve accumulated many different kinds of crystal pendants over the years.

Switch them out each day, depending on what kind of energy you need or are cultivating.

You can do this intuitively or by applying knowledge of the energetics of the crystal.

Each crystal hold certain kinds of energetic vibrations. Just having them close by is helpful! Wearing them or placing them on your body can boost your healing, break up stagnation or blocks in your energy body.

You can make yourself into a human crystal grid and lay in a receptive, meditative state to achieve healing and upgrades on every level of your BodyMindSpirit.

Native Americans consider crystals and stones to be Record Keepers of Earth’s history. They can also be personal record keepers. Native Americans think of these gorgeous stones as their own Nation of living beings! The Stone People.

I’ll be posting more on crystals and using them as healing allies.

Thank you. Stay warm and safe, loves. 🙏🏼✨🖤✨🙏🏼