This is the Season of Death, letting go, shedding, transformation.

We honor our ancestors, those who have passed in the last year, and commune with spirits beyond The Veil.

Another aspect to this is the honoring of cycles in our lives wherein parts of us die, and we become new versions of ourselves. This can happen through anything from divorce, to becoming a parent, to relinquishing a role or archetype, to losing a parent or partner to death.

In this discussion, I discuss one aspect of my own death process and how to Court Death with willing awareness.

If you do nothing more to honor this season, watch, learn, and consider the ramifications of death in your life.

This conversation is far from complete. And, I am a Transformation Catalyst – this Work is my Wheelhouse. If you need help and support through your own process, I am that which you seek. Wholly and completely. ❤