Compassionate Guidance for Tough Times

Compassionate Guidance for Tough Times

Dear Ones – the intense AF energy is weighing heavily on us all.


Part of it is the planetary alignments. Part of it is the angry, sad, terrors and atrocities reverberating throughout the world.

I’m sorry for your pain and hardship. It’s truly tough right now.
We are learning strength through keeping our hearts broken open.
I experienced my own breakup/loss in November and experienced the epiphany that the pain you/me/all of us are experiencing is several things at once –
  • It is the pain of the Collective Consciousness.
  • It is the ancient pain buried deep in our DNA It is the pain we never got to feel, acknowledge, process and understand that comes from our early childhood, and from our past lives.
  • Because of the nature of this pain, it is Sacred. Feeling it, staying open in our hearts, and feeling the pain of others, keeps us connected to each other. It also helps us to heal.
Here’s an amazing, enlightening quote from Pema Chodron’s “When Things Fall Apart” that illustrates me last point –
“This kinship with the suffering of others, this inability to continue to regard it from afar, is the discovery of bodhichitta. Bodhichitta is a Sanskrit word that means “noble or awakened heart.” It is said to be present in all beings…. We awaken this bodhichitta, this tenderness for life, when we can no longer shield ourselves from the vulnerability of our condition, from the basic fragility of existence. In the words of the sixteenth Gyalwa Karmapa, “You take it all in. You let the pain of the world touch your heart and you turn it into compassion.”

It is said that in difficult times, it is only bodhichitta that heals. When inspiration has become hidden, when we feel ready to give up, this is the time when healing can be found in the tenderness of pain itself. This is the time to touch the genuine heart of bodhichitta. In the midst of loneliness, in the midst of fear, in the middle of feeling misunderstood and rejected is the heartbeat of all things, the genuine heart of sadness….

We think that by protecting ourselves from suffering we are being kind to ourselves. The truth is, we only become more fearful, more hardened, more alienated. We experience ourselves as being separate from the whole. This separation becomes like a prison for us, a prison that restricts us to our personal hopes and fears and to caring only for the people nearest to us. Curiously enough, if we primarily try to shield ourselves from discomfort, we suffer. Yet when we don’t close off and let our hearts break, we discover our kinship with all beings.”

  • The pain we feel further helps us to clear much of the Collective’s pain, as many are unable to do so for themselves.
  • This will get better. It will pass. But it will be rough for a time.
Exercise compassion for yourself like you would a child. In fact, hold yourself as the little child or baby you once were. Let them know you love them, and you won’t let anything bad happen.
Also know this – that even if something does happen you will be ok. You always have been ok, and always will be ok. That is the Great Divine’s promise to us. That, and Love.

If you can just be with the pain for a while, it will inform you. It will absolutely help you connect with others at the deepest heart-level.



It’s ok – in fact – it’s best to rest and lay low a bit. Self-care and grounding are the best modes of operation right now.


We have much adjusting to do.


And then, we have much work to tend to. Heart-Work.

If I can be of help to you reach out. <3