Blue Full Moon in Aquarius Alchemical reading

The purpose of this reading is to decipher the current energies related to the Full Moon in Aquarius, and to guide and inform us on how to best work consciously with energy so that we will benefit.

This reading takes us from the Full Moon forward 2 weeks, until the New Moon. The cards are drawn as close as possible to the apex of the Full Moon, and consist of an animal totem from the Medicine Card deck, a card from the Goddess Oracle deck, and a crystal ally from the Crystal Oracle deck.

Together, these cards inform our primordial selves with information that has been deeply encoded in our psyche for many lifetimes.


This just happens to be a Blue Moon as well, which amps up the wattage on the power. Taking in to consideration all the other astrological aspects – Venus, Uranus, and Eris retrograde, Saturn in Scorpio, stationing to go direct right as this moon is full – we have a perfect storm of chaos, cataclysmic change, and deep soul excavation.

Are you feeling it? Breathe. Trust.

On the other side of all of this is more alignment with your dreams, the end of situations that don’t serve or work any longer, and more peace of mind.

We began working with Sophia at the New Moon, learning to tap in to our own inner wisdom, identifying patterns, and finding the tipping point where we get to make a different choice, forever shifting the ways we get stuck. Rhodochrosite steps up as our crystal ally, asking us to choose love. When we choose love over judgment, we are also learning to love and accept ourselves. Rabbit speaks to us of fear and how to keep it from standing in the way of all we love, all we know, all we desire.


Read below for detailed information and insight, and for ways to use this energy to go farther, and walk better on your personal path.



Sophia – Goddess of Wisdom, female soul, source of God’s true power, wears many faces – Black Goddess, Divine Feminine, Mother of God.

A fecund, pregnant Sophia offers her cup of wisdom to you. She urges you to become still and look inward to listen, feel, see, and know what guidance needs to come through. Sophia wants you to connect to your own deep, enriching wisdom and guidance.

Are you in a pattern, doing the same thing or finding yourself in similar situations, over and over again?

Taking the time to truly settle in to your inner Sophia can reveal your next action steps and means to transmute the old patterns once and for all. As you go within, find where She resides – where is it? What does it look like? Smell like? Feel like?

Once you find Her, you can return to your inner Sophia again, and again. Use this time to push past the old limitations and patterns. You can do it! Everything you need to know is inside you.



Rhodochrosite – We learn about ourselves through relationships with others. From a Divine perspective, everyone we meet is a reflection of ourselves.

What we see in them – the things we admire, those things which we dislike – are all reflections of what lies inside. We feel aligned with those traits we like and admire, and feel disdain for those characteristics we deem negative.

Often, that which we dislike, is something within us that we refuse to look at, and own as ours. The truth is, that we would not be able to recognize such things if they were not within us, or had been part of our character at some point in the past.

Rhodochrosite is a stone of love and joy, encouraging us to elevate above judgment of others to discern what their traits reflect about ourselves. All relationships are a mix of positive and negative, helping us to broaden our understanding of life and love.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you see love? Can you look upon yourself with love and compassion within your heart?

Love and accept yourself as you are right now. Go to that place deep inside your heart, where beyond perceptions of good and bad, there exists only Love.



Rabbit – Rabbit asks you – What are you afraid of? What do the voices inside your head have to say? What negative tape is playing on repeat that you have decided to believe is true?

You are not your thoughts!

You don’t have to feed those thoughts or buy in to them. Thoughts are energy forms and fearful thinking calls the exact things you are afraid of into being. Rabbit says that what you resist, what you most fear, you will become.

Stop talking about horrible things happening, and get rid of worry-based thinking and action. Your worries about the future will not help you to control the outcome. And, in fact, may call that worse-case scenario to you.

Face your fears and release them. Own up to what haunts you, and defy it by moving ahead triumphantly.


Here are some helpful action steps to take over the next two weeks. Simple, but powerful, these rituals will help you transmute the blocks and limitations indicated in the cards. Use the full moon and waning moon energy to assist you.


Stand in front of a mirror for several minutes and take note of what thoughts and judgments arise as you gaze upon yourself. Each time you notice a negative thought, replace it with a loving thought, or even the opposite. You wouldn’t say such harsh things to someone you love, so why would you say and think such things about yourself? Treat yourself as you would your dearest friend.

Take time to write down all the fear-based thoughts that pop into your mind and play repeatedly. Then, either burn the piece of paper, or rip it to shreds and throw it away. Go somewhere outside and allow yourself to feel all those fears, allowing them to play out in your mind. As you feel the waves run through you, let that energy run down your body and in to the ground until they are gone. Make them a Divine Offering to Mother Earth. Replace the self-defeating, fearful, worry thoughts with new thoughts that are positive and brimming with possibility. Repeat as often as necessary.

As always, take time to rest and relax, Do the things that nourish your soul. Practice extreme self-care. And, when need be, turn everything off and burrow in for comfort, or go hide out in nature.

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