Sharing My Musings With You!


That tender-heartedness, that aching inside you. Those places where you want to cry, scream, thrash….

Those are the places where you may be holding on too tight.

There’s pain in the struggle to hold tight, but there’s freedom, catharsis, and fresh, new energy waiting when you let go.

That tenderness may even be the openness you feel as the walls and barriers come down – the thawing of frozen energy that has surrounded your heart for far too long.

Or the shedding of scales that covered your eyes to Truth.

Welcome the tenderness. Say yes to the devastation and demolition of old constructs.

Breathe through it all.

Stay empty for a while. Give yourself permission to be ok with that discomfort.

You will survive. You may even thrive.

Newness and freedom beckon to you. Freedom that’s born of sovereignty.

Open up to Truth.

Call out what is Real.

Celebrate what is Just and lift it up for all to behold.

Look closely at what is corrupted and NEVER forget how it looks and feels. The putrid smell…

Get used to not knowing, let go of certainty. Control is manipulation and you’re no longer playing that game.

Normal was a fallacy they spoon-fed us from birth.

There’s no security what is decaying. Facades are dissolving in our midst.

Complacency is no longer an option.

Life will never be the same. And that is a wonderful thing. ~ Lisa C. Adams

It doesn’t feel good anymore

It doesn’t feel good anymore

It doesn’t feel good anymore.

I’ve been inside the realms of tantra, spirituality, and self-awareness – those thing that supposedly catalyze growth – for a very long time. (Longer than most)

As I see posts from others in the community, posts offering insights and challenges, I’m not *feeling* it anymore.

Answers aren’t exactly clear right now. Many feelings are surfacing that I’ve not made sense of yet.

I keep looking for ::more::

Something fresh and new. Something authentic and activating.

But I don’t see or feel those things being offered.

It feels hollow. Empty AF.

It’s not just me. I am clear that many so-called teachers and experts are asserting ideas and narratives that wreak of dogmatism.

While I get that the things that previously brought us joy or succor aren’t exactly doing that any longer, I wonder why I feel a lack of joy, an absence of connection, an emptiness, feelings of “that does not resonate” and “same old, same old.” Preaching to a choir of those who will listen; those who are unsure enough to overthink and question themselves. Repeatedly.

Please hear me!

You don’t have to follow the “code” or buy into a limited way of thinking.

You don’t don’t need anyone to tell you how to behave, how to heal, how to find love, how to understand, how to BE.

You/we are much more powerful than that.

Too many are taking the things I love and hold most dear – the very studies and practices I hold precious – and making them finite and absolute.

That’s not Tantra.

That’s not true spirituality or mysticism.

It irks me to no end when teachers and practitioners make these ancient esoteric teachings about people’s shortcomings. They work to make people feel less than, and as though folks have no clue.

It pisses me off that people are taking something as All-Encompassing as Tantra and making it about sex.

Fuck that shit.

These teachings in Truth are more expansive, more forgiving, and way more encompassing.

It’s not dogmatic. It’s not absolute. It’s not clear cut. Its not about having all the answers.

It’s about living into evolution and finding profound expansion.

It’s about being in integrity.

It’s about living fully in the world and finding the magic and truth in every little and big thing.

It’s leaving room for deeper awareness.

It’s about being ok with not knowing anything.

It’s about allowing space for the Universe/Spirit to show you the way in each precious moment.

It’s about finding new ways to think, be, act, revel.

It’s about surrendering to the Great Mystery of Life.

It’s about getting on your fucking knees and being bowled over by the exquisite, utter beauty and profundity of All That Is.

It’s also about knowing that you hold the Truth and the “codes” inside you because you live, breathe and exist on Earth in a 3D/5D reality.

Tantra Yoga teaches us to live as householders while working towards enlightenment, informing how we live as functional, contributing members of society in a 3D world and in (Western) society while embracing spiritual evolution and working towards stillness of mind.

It does include some specifics about sex and sexual energy, but that’s only about 8-10% of the teachings.

It’s about the yin/yang, Shiva/Shakti, light/dark, Masculine/Feminine, higher/lower, etc. paradoxes of the world in which we live – that includes the paradox of society versus spirit.

It’s a tool to navigate successfully in both worlds while living the fullness of Paradox. This includes the 3D Matrix as well as the Divine, Magical Realms.

You absolutely know the truth. You absolutely *are* pure unobliterated love.

You are whole and complete.

We need only to remind ourselves of our magnificence and magnitude.

We don’t need a bunch of “teachers” or gurus or anyone to break us down or apart. You/I/we do not have to be triggered, hurt, blown apart to find at every turn, to know love.

Growth, evolution and understanding don’t always have to be painful.

We can do this Work through love and vulnerability. We can do this Work by being :present:

We can tune in, trust, have patience, take care, and allow the Unfolding to occur.

The Tantra, Spiritual, self-growth communities are becoming too full of themselves. They forget the humility of crawling belly-down in the muck. They assume they have the answers. They prod and provoke to appear wise.

I’m over it.

My sincere desire is to find the Way through this facade and re-engage, re-emerge with a fresh, new perspective. My desire is to live simply, and powerfully.

How can we emerge from these false ideas and find a better way to THRIVE?

I don’t profess to know the answers. And, I can say that we must sit so fully with what is, allowing it to be, loving it all.

Your Fear of Death

The Collective fear and awareness of Death is in part due to the Great Conjunction of Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn.

🌀Jupiter expands, magnifies.

🐍 Pluto is death, Shadow, the Underworld realms. Also, rebirth, facing fears.

🪐 Saturn is time, structures, limitations, boundaries, patriarchy.

💥 Mars is approaching them too – He is health, taking action, warriorhood, anger, defense, passion, movement.

There’s intense Wisdom to be had. Don’t buy into the fear-mongering.

Instead, take decisive action to cultivate your health, your boundaries. Put in place the structures and systems to support your health. Simplify everything.

Make sure the things you engage are sustainable. Meaning, do these things (work, activities, relationships, people, thoughts, etc) sustain you? And, are you using your resources- time, energy, love, money, etc- sustainably?

All of this speaks to integrity. Everything must be in alignment with that version of yourself who is ⚡️potential actualized.⚡️

Face fear head-on. Does it require fierceness? Or absolute compassion and surrender?

International Women’s Day

Women, Female-identified, Feminine- my gift to you

I stand beside you, hand in hand.

I stand behind you, sword at the ready.

I stand before you, clearing a path.

I kneel beneath you, helping you gain purchase.

I reach down from above, lending a hand up.

My heart and yours, beating in harmony.

Our hands create, nourish, soothe, heal.

Ears to listen,

Eyes to witness,

Arms to embrace,

Smell to discern what is “off” from what is balm,

Tongues to speak words of truth…

Spirits to craft this world with compassion,

Alongside Gaia.

~ Lisa C. Adams

Art by Tegan Steele

Is Negativity Contagious?

I wonder if we have an addiction to complaining?

I’ve noticed a lot of people doing a lot of complaining lately. I realize as I listen that I need to check myself to be sure I’m not falling into the same trap of negativity.

Some are even complaining about other people complaining! 😳

Here’s what I’d like to offer – clearly, if you/we/I are complaining, something needs to change. You’re/we’re/I’m not happy with something or someone. And, if that’s the case, it’s your/our/my responsibility to make the necessary changes. That might look like voting, or having an uncomfortable conversation, or doing things differently.

You/we/I must take responsibility for our own happiness.

Life isn’t perfect. It’s varied AF.

The variations are what makes it interesting and meaningful.

We are so effing privileged we complain about things that probably don’t truly matter in the large scheme of life.

We have never known real hunger or thirst.

We drink safe, clean water.

We have a warm, safe place to sleep.

We own more clothes, shoes, books, – STUFF – than most people throughout the world own. (They might have 1-2 pairs of shoes and a couple outfits.)

Most of us own cars.

Most of us have never had to flee our homes due to the violence of war.

I could go on here, but I hope you get my point.

Death is but a breath away in any given moment.

That person you/we/I’m complaining about may die tomorrow. And when that happens, how will you feel? Will you still be complaining? Will you feel regretful and miss them?

What if you lose that crappy job? First off – yay for you! But, will you be going on about how they fired you or laid you off? Maybe this is the kick in pants you needed to get into a better work situation.

What if we celebrated and appreciated our lives and the very things we whine/complain about/fret over?

Would that change something?

Here’s what I know – we have to bear down and do the work. Yes, the exact work we’ve been putting off, skirting around, trying to avoid, or looking for the quick, easy, better whatever (fill in the blank.)

We have to override our own resistance. We have to face the whatever-whoever-it-is and do it. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to take time. It may be uncomfortable.

It’s going to feel and look like baby steps at first. It will take consistency and persistence.

And, it will start to get easier.

Things will lighten up because that “whatever” won’t be hanging over you/us/me any longer. You’ll come into right relationship with yourself.

Your sense of integrity will feel AH-mazing.

Things will start to come together. And you’ll have worked through a pattern or ongoing problem/dilemma in your life. It will be DONE. ~Lisa C. Adams

Dying. Over and Over Again.

I underwent serious Shamanic Death in 2015. Everything was stripped from me – health, family, “friends”, work, etc.

As I began to understand the enormity of what was transpiring, I would witness as more was leaving, taken, purged, and I would remain detached and curious about the process.

I decided to actively partner with the process as I purged and released more, and more. Willingly, even, after a time.

It wasn’t easy. But necessary.

It was also achingly beautiful.

Towards the end of the active process, I made an effigy of myself and all the things about me that I was letting go of. And I buried her.

I gave her(former me) a lovely, private burial ceremony. I wept in gratitude. It was quiet, peaceful.

So much so, that my next thought became “I have no idea what I just did, but this ought to be HUGE.”

And it was.

I surrendered to the process and watched as more was stripped away – my home, my business, more of my possessions. And to some extent, my community.

Then a sudden, intense AF heartbreak occurred. And I was broken open more than I ever had been in my life.

I came to understand that the pain I was experiencing and expressing was the culmination of pain I’d never felt, released, or expressed throughout my current lifetime. And some from past lives.

The miracles that flooded in Graced me in such an astonishing way, I’m filled with tears to recall it.

I sobbed from pain, from opening, and from gratitude all at once.

I easily felt all the pain of the world. And the pain of those around me who were struggling or undergoing life-threatening illnesses.

I wept for months.

Some of what I’d let go of was returned to me- true heart-gifts of love, people who are the truest loved ones in my life.

I also came to realize that part of the pain was in the holding on. I was still holding on to hopes, dreams, aspirations, and that undergoing Shamanic Death means that those things must die as well.

For all the initiations I’ve undergone – most of them willingly, some not so – this life, death and rebirth was the hugest, most profound I’ve endured.

In many ways I’ve become “unfuckwithable.”

Life has a way of initiating us. Some of those things we accept, willingly.

Others, not so much. That’s when we make things harder on ourselves.

When we emerge from these experiences/events, we are at once no longer recognizable, and more ourselves than ever before.

I’m in the final death throes of another – or the same – Death. We all are.

Release, release, RELEASE. Shed and let go. Cull TF out of your life, habits, possessions, patterns.

2020 wants to gift you a new life, so you must die to this one. Repeatedly. Grieve if you must, as tears purge the traps we create around our hearts. Have gratitude for this life, this version of yourself.

Then, open up to something better. Receive your “New.” The fresh start is almost upon us.

~Lisa C. Adams