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Inner Authority

Inner Authority

Speaking my truth is a practice in integrity. It’s part of how I transmit energy and understanding born of intense study, practice, and life experience.

While I was born with a renegade spirit, rebellious to the core, questioning, fiercely independent, I fought hard to claim my Inner Authority.

Outer authority (to my rebel soul) is something to be questioned, confronted, held to account, and railed against when it’s not born of Service, true justice, or when it doesn’t make sense in a feeling, embodied way. Those times when something just feels :off:.

Over time and with great dedication to growth and self-knowledge, I’ve learned and experienced many things that have moved from “intelligent, head knowledge” to full-blown, embodied, deeply anchored truth.

At times I find that my truths align with the Truth. Especially when lived and breathed repeatedly. There are (more and more often, lately) many times when my personal, subjective truth aligns with objective, universal Truth. And, I’m all for lining up with what is True and speaking to it, honoring it, sharing it, ANCHORING it.

During this era we are living, what is Truth versus what is true, are constantly in question. In some ways I see this as a time of revelation- not in the biblical sense – but in the ways that we are all learning to become adept at discernment and our own analysis.

It’s ultimately the search for deeper meaning and the crucial use of our critical thinking faculties. We are coming into our own belief systems, forming those structures, dismantling what’s not aligned or ill-informed.

I suspect we will be in this inquiry for a long while.

If you’re like me, you began that inner conversation at a young age and never stopped questioning authority or weighing out your beliefs. Not just those narratives we’ve been taught or had imposed upon us, or the stories we make up in our heads about things, but hardcore, deeper-than-your-bones, truths.

A personal irony is that my rebelliousness being at odds with authority, I’ve come to deeply honor and respect my own Inner Authority. I come from the place where “I” have lived and learned and embody what it is that I share. It’s so firmly – powerfully – rooted that I literally feel it as energy in my body. The kind of energy that makes me stand taller, rolls my shoulders down and back, and leads me forward from a grounded connection to the Earth.

From a young age, my outspoken nature has been problematic. As a child it was problematic for me in not conforming while also desiring to be liked/loved. My mouth got me in trouble often. Maturity, thankfully, has a way of killing off that indoctrination of needing to be liked and “pleasing” to others, so as not to offend them.

There was a great sense of freedom that overcame me when I decided to stop trying to please others and instead, commit to my own happiness. I started asking myself what I wanted and making it happen.

In our culture children are often taught not to speak except when spoken to, and girls are to be sweet, docile and pleasing. So when a girl or woman speaks out, it’s still considered audacious.

“Who is she to say that/do that?”

“Who does she think she is?”

I mean, just think about recent history and politics as examples of how a bold woman speaking truth, gets blasted for using her intelligence and voice with firmly rooted, personal agency.

Another irony is that as someone firmly committed to standing powerfully in my truth, I sometimes trigger people. Over the years some beautiful souls have vulnerably expressed their triggered responses to me just being myself. They articulate a simultaneous attraction and repulsion to the way I speak, move, and BE (show up) in the world. My audacity to say what I think, share what I know, confidently.

I’ve even been accused of forcing my truth upon others. Funny thing, that. It’s seems to be the projection of All of Western Society right now, huh?

I will always share what I know and what I have learned in the interest of helping others inform their own understandings. We share with one another and find resonance, or not. We take in what is said and weigh it against what we’ve come to understand or how it feels in our body – how another’s truth “lands” inside us. It’s a valuable, connected way to learn our own way through life while witnessing the path of another.

You know what else? I’m a teacher.

But more than that, I’m a hardcore, avid student of life.

One of my personal happy places is going down a long, winding research rabbit hole.

Here’s something I know as well; as I learn-grow-discern-dismantle, I am aware that my truths may change. They may grow stronger. They may be thrown out entirely. I may have a profound epiphany that shatters a view or understanding I’ve held and informs a whole new perspective. I freakin’ LIVE for those moments. Though often, there are more subtle shifts and gleanings that stack up over time.

Something I find melancholy is that as I’ve grown and matured, there are fewer elders I can turn to. They are passing on the mantle to folks like me, and are scarce to find. I’ve come to see so many peer relationships as the key to this longing for an elder to turn to; in sharing with others, they often hold a piece of understanding and experience that is the precise piece I needed to full out the picture in my own puzzle. I love that! And am eternally grateful for these beautiful conversations. (You know who you are)

If my strong Inner Authority (or anyone else’s for that matter) gives you pause or causes you to bristle, I wonder, can you be curious about that?

Does it make sense to check in with your own Inner Authority and glean what’s at work beneath the surface?

How do stand in your truth?

I stand in my authority and integrity the way that I do it. Not the way someone else does. You have that same choice – to decide how you embody your own authority and integrity and move through the world with it.

And I think there’s nothing more powerful or stunning than that.

Being Empathic – Fundamentals

Being Empathic – Fundamentals

Some things to know about Empaths and being empathic.

It’s crucial to be grounded in your body, and practice feeling where you and your energy leave off, and another’s energy begins. That’s a boundary. Being all up in your headspace makes this challenging.

If or when you absorb someone’s energy, transmute it by giving it to Mother Earth. She uses it like psychic compost. Another favorite is fire – it purifies and transmutes.

We must make it a habit not to take on the energy of others. When we do, we obliterate their and our sovereignty.

Bear in mind that taking on the pain, feelings or energy of another in no way helps them. It just means you both now feel crappy. Plus, you’re essentially trying to take responsibility for how they feel. Doing so takes away their own responsibility and therefore their individual power.

Taking responsibility for how another feels, doesn’t grant you the ability to “fix”, “solve”, or “heal” their pain. In truth, it’s an act of codependency.

It’s also an act of narcissism; you’re making their feelings/pain/etc., about YOU.

As Empaths we must be aware and diligent about our own energy and boundaries. We are sensitive and get overwhelmed easily. We also burn out easily.

Empaths’ sensitivity typically means that chemicals in foods and drink, drugs, medications, cleaning agents, perfumes, personal care products and all others you can think of, have a greater effect. That is to say substances like alcohol, sugar, caffeine (to name a few) have a much stronger affect our bodies and energy. We are not able to process them as easily. We must be cautious and diligent with how, when, or if we imbibe chemical substances.

Being empathic is a gift. It’s typically the gift of wounding and trauma. Our sensitivity makes us excellent healers and helps us to know what’s going on in our environment and the world at large.

Resist urges (this one is tough) to numb out with your vice of choice, be it sugar, drugs or alcohol, tv, social media, busyness, video games, etc.

Instead, get out in nature, meditate, move your body, drink lots of water, rest, get plenty of sleep, eat lots of plants food and organic proteins, connect to the elements. You may need to avoid crowds or limit your exposure to groups, tv, news, a negative individuals.

This is all fundamental to your health and realizing the gifts of being empathic.

Love is Darkness

Love is Darkness

Venus Retrograde

“Could you stand to let me

Love your demons?

The beast within

Rendered tame by

One gaze upon

Pure love

Would you fall apart completely

If I loved all your nastiest secrets?

Broken open,

My touch soothing

Every sharp, jagged pain

You possess

Would your heart run away

From love’s unflinching witness?

All your self-loathing crimes

Looked upon through love’s gaze

Compassion becomes your

Sentence and redemption

Could you surrender your burdens

Long enough to be worshiped?

Your scars and aches, blemishes and flaws

Laid bare

Your body the altar

Upon which I fervently pray

Would you run away if

I told you I see your treasure?

Lying in the murky depths

Of your most ruined places

Ancient, buried, forgotten

Let’s cherish the journey of excavation

Have you ever truly seen

Your own terrible beauty?

My light will shine upon

The mirror so you may look

Our eyes feasting upon your magnificence

May we bow in reverence”

~ Lisa C. Adams, March 2017

Photo by Mina Habibi, Portrait Artist

Sovereign AF

Sovereign AF

If you are truly interested in claiming your personal power, you must claim your Sovereignty.

Doing so means a great deal and is an exercise in integrity. It tells the universe that you mean business and you’re not fucking around.

👑 It’s things like finding your authentic voice – not parroting others.

👑 It’s doing your own work, according to your special talents and passions – not modeling yourself after what society says, or what others want you to be.

👑 It’s devotion to Truth – Universal Truth, and your personal truth – not compromising who you know yourself to be.

👑 It’s claiming ownership of your knowledge, lessons, hardships, triumphs, etc., in an embodied way – it’s not thinking that only magic and intentions take you where you want to be.

👑 It’s putting in the work in the 3D time-space continuum; earning your bonafides is the most powerful act of magic imaginable.

👑 It’s devotion to your teachers, crediting them and honoring them for all they’ve taught you. You stay in integrity as a student and someone who desires to lead when you do this.

👑 It’s realizing you are responsible for your reality and the consequences of all your thoughts, words, and actions.

👑 It’s paying homage to the traditions, the bodies of work, the lineages, your ancestry, etc., that inform who you are, and the people who shared a particular thing/book/saying/insight with you that made an impact.

👑 It’s understanding that you are you, and I am me, and they are them, and that while we are All One, we each have our own unique part in lifting up and upholding our World – society, community, Mother Earth.

👑 It’s acknowledging what works for you, what doesn’t work for you, and shifting until alignment occurs.

👑 As a Sovereign you decide what you are and are not willing to accept.

👑 It’s knowing what you believe and allowing that to be questioned, deepened, evolutionary.

👑 It’s also acknowledging what you don’t know, can’t claim as yours, and referring to another source, or a commitment to getting the answer.

👑 Sovereignty is an utter devotion and commitment to unflinching self-awareness and self-honesty. It’s taking ownership of yourself and holding yourself accountable to the highest possible standards.

👑 It’s also compassion and forgiveness for those times you fall short or realize you weren’t clear with yourself or your unacknowledged motivations and expectations.

There’s much more to claiming your power as a Sovereign BEing, but this is a great manifesto to begin. ~Lisa C. Adams

Photo by Mina Habibi, Portrait Artist

Lush, Wet, Fertile

Lush, Wet, Fertile

As we gaze upon Mother Earth at this time, may we remember that She is everything we touch, see, feel, hear, smell, taste, experience…

May our gratitude and reverence for Her be eternal.

For without Her, we simply would not be.

Everything we have comes from Her. Through Her.

She nourishes and provides.

She is Earth, Moon, Water, fiery passion, the very air we breathe,

And yet, Her astonishing beauty takes our breath away.

Especially now – at Her most fertile – the height of Her fecundity.

She blossoms, exposing Her desire.

Flirtatiously flaunting her fragrant flowers.

Shameless in Her glory and desire for love and fulfillment.

Observing Her, we come to know ourselves more profoundly:

Our primitive selves understanding the need to blossom and ripen in Spring and Summer, then to shed and stand naked in Autumn and Winter.

She sets an example that society would shame:

That is being ourselves, loving ourselves,

EMBODYING our most authentic selves

Without apology.

That in so doing, we bless Her and each other, stirred to soar to new heights and growth.

Witness Earth and She witnesses us.

Photo by Mia Darling

Pain Loves You

Pain Loves You

What does it take before you give in to the pain?

The pain of not feeling good. Of shame and guilt.

The pain of depletion. Or the pain of destroying your relationships.

What about the pain of a body wracked with health issues?

The pain of burden from taking on too much – work, worry, lies, other people’s stuff….

When do you give into the pain and make it your ally?

Pain is a Guide.

Pain exists to get your attention. It points to the thing(s) that need your attention. The things that need to change in order for you to live your life in fullness.

When pain arises, it’s a heads up, an invitation to go deep within and heed its call.

Pain invites you to listen. Pay attention. Witness. Notice. Be *Present*. Become aware.

Whether it’s an addiction

Unhealthy habits or behaviors

Not being honest with yourself

Staying stuck in a job, relationship, or situation that drains you

Not taking care of your body Temple

Giving your power and sovereignty over to a boss, doctor, partner, parent, government…

Numbing out won’t help you. It prolongs the pain. Numbing turns pain into sickness, depression, anger, sadness, disgust, shame, guilt, cancer (actual or cancerous thoughts.)

Ultimately numbing is sabotage.

How are you going to listen to the Truth of your pain?

How can you love it for the wisdom it provides?

I can honestly say that pain has helped me to turn things around in my life. It’s helped me come to realize that I had/have health issues that require my attention and changes. It helped me put an end to unhealthy relationship patterns.

Pain taught me that my depression is really unexpressed grief from childhood emotional pain stemming from abandonment and not being celebrated for the full-of-awesome kid I was.

If you have pain, you don’t have to carry it around with you. Your identity doesn’t have to be wrapped up in holding onto the pain of something that happened to you.

Sometimes pain needs to be acknowledged, witnessed. FELT.

Can you simply give in? Ask pain what it’s saying/teaching you.

Then, L I S T E N

Photo by Misumi Photography