Some things to know about Empaths and being empathic.

It’s crucial to be grounded in your body, and practice feeling where you and your energy leave off, and another’s energy begins. That’s a boundary. Being all up in your headspace makes this challenging.

If or when you absorb someone’s energy, transmute it by giving it to Mother Earth. She uses it like psychic compost. Another favorite is fire – it purifies and transmutes.

We must make it a habit not to take on the energy of others. When we do, we obliterate their and our sovereignty.

Bear in mind that taking on the pain, feelings or energy of another in no way helps them. It just means you both now feel crappy. Plus, you’re essentially trying to take responsibility for how they feel. Doing so takes away their own responsibility and therefore their individual power.

Taking responsibility for how another feels, doesn’t grant you the ability to “fix”, “solve”, or “heal” their pain. In truth, it’s an act of codependency.

It’s also an act of narcissism; you’re making their feelings/pain/etc., about YOU.

As Empaths we must be aware and diligent about our own energy and boundaries. We are sensitive and get overwhelmed easily. We also burn out easily.

Empaths’ sensitivity typically means that chemicals in foods and drink, drugs, medications, cleaning agents, perfumes, personal care products and all others you can think of, have a greater effect. That is to say substances like alcohol, sugar, caffeine (to name a few) have a much stronger affect our bodies and energy. We are not able to process them as easily. We must be cautious and diligent with how, when, or if we imbibe chemical substances.

Being empathic is a gift. It’s typically the gift of wounding and trauma. Our sensitivity makes us excellent healers and helps us to know what’s going on in our environment and the world at large.

Resist urges (this one is tough) to numb out with your vice of choice, be it sugar, drugs or alcohol, tv, social media, busyness, video games, etc.

Instead, get out in nature, meditate, move your body, drink lots of water, rest, get plenty of sleep, eat lots of plants food and organic proteins, connect to the elements. You may need to avoid crowds or limit your exposure to groups, tv, news, a negative individuals.

This is all fundamental to your health and realizing the gifts of being empathic.