That tender-heartedness, that aching inside you. Those places where you want to cry, scream, thrash….

Those are the places where you may be holding on too tight.

There’s pain in the struggle to hold tight, but there’s freedom, catharsis, and fresh, new energy waiting when you let go.

That tenderness may even be the openness you feel as the walls and barriers come down – the thawing of frozen energy that has surrounded your heart for far too long.

Or the shedding of scales that covered your eyes to Truth.

Welcome the tenderness. Say yes to the devastation and demolition of old constructs.

Breathe through it all.

Stay empty for a while. Give yourself permission to be ok with that discomfort.

You will survive. You may even thrive.

Newness and freedom beckon to you. Freedom that’s born of sovereignty.

Open up to Truth.

Call out what is Real.

Celebrate what is Just and lift it up for all to behold.

Look closely at what is corrupted and NEVER forget how it looks and feels. The putrid smell…

Get used to not knowing, let go of certainty. Control is manipulation and you’re no longer playing that game.

Normal was a fallacy they spoon-fed us from birth.

There’s no security what is decaying. Facades are dissolving in our midst.

Complacency is no longer an option.

Life will never be the same. And that is a wonderful thing. ~ Lisa C. Adams