About Me

* Renegade Mystic

* Priestess

* Wise Woman

* Spiritual Teacher

* Astrologer

* Oracle

* Warrior 

* Spiritual Badass

* Luminary & Catalyst


I posses a deep knowing –  wisdom/instinct – that guides me to answers. I sense what you are dealing with and going through, enabling me to offer ideas on moving through circumstances with grace.


Being a Priestess is a Calling. My true nature is a catalyst: I fuel your epiphany, healing, breakthrough, growth,  evolution. You are invited to realize an existence where life is more soulful, embodied, joyful, sensual, and authentic.

Spiritual Badass

Let me help you get out of your own way. You”ll learn the answers to your questions lie within you. As you learn to embrace your integrity with grace, life responds with more of what you desire. Grace and ease become your default.

Wise Woman

A shamanic energy healer, with over 25 years experience, I sense any disruptions in your energy body, and work with many ancient, esoteric methods to clear blocks, break up stagnation, and cleanse psychic debris, helping you feel more whole.

Professional Background

My bachelor’s degree is in Religion and Women’s Studies, but I like to tell people that I majored in the Goddess. Passionate about spirituality, holistic living, sensuality and healing, I’ve devoted my entire career to helping thousands create happier, meaningful, more fulfilling lives – ON THEIR OWN TERMS. A lifelong love of learning has yielded me numerous certifications and a long list of trainings and experience. I have worked as a Holistic Health and Healing Arts Professional for almost 30 years. I am an Ordained Minister and fully initiated High Priestess. Since 1999, I have facilitated countless Sacred Ceremonies, workshops, retreats, rites-of-passage (including weddings, funerals, etc.) and group rituals. I possess a deep desire and unique talent for helping others create transformation in their lives.

My Personal Background

Born and raised in your typical dysfunctional, suburban family, the labels I grew up with went something like this; in early childhood I was “strong-willed”, later I was “defiant”, in my teens I was “rebellious.” As an adult, I’m referred to as “independent and strong.” Throughout it all there was always a little voice inside me that said I was different or special somehow. And, that there was some truth in stories about magic. I was always a little scared and exhilarated when I played in the woods, because I knew that if I wanted to, I could see the faeries and other spirits that live there.

In my teens I was a party girl, doing whatever I could to have fun and fill the unexplainable void inside me. My spiritual journey began at the age of 16, after I was kicked out of my parent’s house. I began wondering why my life was so messed up, why I couldn’t get along with my parents, and why I was so unhappy.

Exploration has always brought me back to the cycles of nature, ritual, self-awareness, integrity, and the Goddess. In Her, I could finally see that I am Divine, that ALL of life is Divine.

My life has been an epoch – full of twists, turns, ups and downs, and unimaginable gifts. I know the pain of holding on too tightly to something that doesn’t serve me. And, I know the discomfort of growth and stretching outside my comfort zone. I wouldn’t trade any of it, because I love who I have grown into as a result of each experience, and my life is amazing. I’ve come to believe that there are few actual mistakes in life; most “mistakes” are opportunities to learn and grow. Often, it’s those very things that put us on the right path.

A true Spiritual Badass, I am wholly devoted to self-growth and helping others using my gifts and talents.

My morning ritual includes meditation, drumming my prayers, and an astrological check-in. Hiking and camping are crucial to my well-being, and nature is my sanctuary. Communing with the wild brings me immense joy. Home is my Sacred Space – a Temple devoted to all that I hold dear. I share my space with an adorable, outgoing feline companion (and overlord!) Zoey.

“No matter your spiritual affiliation, Lisa is a gifted and loving resource for guidance, healing, or presiding over ceremony of all types.  I’ve had the privilege of attending many events which Lisa has presided over, as well as work with her.  Not only does Lisa bring light and love into all she does, but her positive energy brings an extra gift to each person who is in attendance or receiving her gift of insight or healing.  I rely on Lisa for insight and nurturing (yet firm) support that I seek from very few people, and I trust her implicitly.  If you’re here and reading this, there is a reason.  Book some time with her, you will be blessed in more ways than you can imagine.” – Lisa Rowe

“I have been coming to Lisa Adams for over 8 years. She has always been professional, insightful, and determined to provide an excellent experience. Lisa is multifaceted and multi-talented. Each experience with her leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and feeling positive about yourself. In other words, Lisa provides the service she is paid for but the client leaves with much more than they paid for as she gives of herself and her energy to ensure that the client leaves feeling 110% better than when they arrived. I ALWAYS do.” – Nannette Shirkey

“Sharing Sacred Space with Lisa C. Adams has always been a wonderful and Magickal experience. She brings out the best in you and reminds you how powerful you truly are. Her passion, love and dedication to her path, are undeniably felt through everything she is.” – D. A. Villavicencio

Lisa Adams is one of the most amazing women I have ever known. She is positive and upbeat every moment of every day. She is also one of the most beautiful people I have ever known – inside and out. Lisa will revolutionize the world someday and make it a happier, healthier place full of positive energy. She is very health conscious. She is her own best example of what it means to be truly healthy. When you look at her she glows with good health and beauty. I wonder what the world would be like if it were full of people like Lisa; just about perfect, I would say. She is super-organized and has natural leadership skills that are never grating or egotistical. I would recommend her for any job, task or position you want completed above and beyond your highest expectations, as she never disappoints, but always seems to pull off the impossible with no problems at all. She would be an asset to any task she undertook or to which she was assigned.” – Paula West, High Priestess