Originally written/posted November 7, 2012


I have the benefit of not watching TV. I haven’t had my TV hooked up to cable, satellite or antenna for 11 years now.


And I don’t miss it.


Most of all, I am happy not to have it around election time, when things get nasty & grown people behave in bitter, ugly ways. Why do elections bring out the worst in people?


It’s good to be passionate about beliefs. It’s good to engage in political debate. It’s good to stand up for what we think is good and true in this world.



But, what is good and true in the world, really?


I can tell you that it’s not getting ugly, being condescending, spouting hatred and lies. It’s not wishing ill-will upon folks that hold differing opinions, beliefs or politics.



It’s fair to say that many, if not most, of us feel that our political system needs an over-haul. It’s fair to say that we all feel depressed, angry, frustrated and condescended to during election time. We could go on & on & on & on about the problems and what’s wrong with the system or this or that politician.


That is easy and we’ve engaged in this conversation for some time now.



I propose another approach entirely.


But first, let me ask you – How’s that hatred working for ya? What good things have come about because of your anger and frustration? Do you feel like your wheels are spinning and spinning and you are getting no where fast? Do you feel helpless and futile?



Recently I decided that instead of feeling angry & frustrated about politics, I would do something constructive about it. I decided that hatred and anger weren’t working for me (or anyone for that matter) and that I could harbor feelings of love and human understanding for the politicians I disagree with. So, I began to include a daily prayer for all the government leaders of the world to be filled with compassion and wisdom.



What if we did this – What if we took the time to pray for our politicians? What if we sent them ALL (yes all – even the ones we don’t agree with) love? What if we were grateful for everything we have?


I truly believe that if we all took time (a few seconds, really) to pray for the political leaders of this world, we might begin to see the kind of changes we desire. Since engaging in this prayer practice, I feel better about the whole situation, and I have more faith in the government’s ability and willingness to work together, to work for the Greater Good of All.


When it comes right down to it – don’t we want and need more Wisdom & Compassion in this world and less hatred, anger & frustration?


Let us pray. Let us send out energies of love, wisdom & compassion.