I'm Lisa Adams, I help Lightworkers and Sensitives claim their Sovereignty, gain clarity, and breakthrough limitations, so they can craft extraordinary lives on their own terms.

* Renegade Mystic * High Priestess * Astrologer * Oracle * Medicine Woman * Spiritual Teacher * *Luminary * Catalyst * Tantrika * Warrior * Yogastrologer® *

Fiercely dedicated to helping you OWN your Personal Revolution.


Work with me

Soul Path Work

Are you at a crossroads? In the midst of change and in need of clarity? Do you feel numb or uninspired? Are you ready to energize and level up? I help you embody and own your true power. You’ll love your life more fully, experience renewed sensuality, and be in the flow.


There is a voice and a wisdom inside you. Readings help access that wisdom. Don’t allow fear to rule. Deep inside you is the answer – a *knowing*. I use my intuition along with card readings and astrology to help you hear and trust that wise voice within you. Each reading posses a mystical quality and is infused with blessings and guidance

Ceremony and Ritual

Sacred Ceremony marks a significant moment in time, aligning your desires with powerful universal energies. I’m a huge believer that Sacred Ceremony is a missing key to true healing. Tell the universe what you want and gain support in your endeavors. I help you create custom ceremonies and rituals that elevate your experiences and resonate throughout your life.


True healing comes about when body, mind, and spirit are acting together. Integrate past trauma and shadow to reveal the true treasure buried beneath. Shamanic Energy Work can help you heal and release the core issue, so you can move forward with more clarity, energy, and vitality.

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My Passion is working one-on-one helping people just like you have profound insights and elevate your life to new heights! Work with me to take action and create transformation that lights you up from within.