Be Your Badass self!

I will show you how

 Are you ready to ROCK?

 “It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here? What better time than NOW?” – Rage Against the Machine, Guerilla Radio


Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions? Living a life dictated by society while your Wise Self is screaming at you –  “There’s more to life than this! You’re meant for So. Much. More.”

Why wait? Excuses are the language of the apathetic. You know better than that. And, you DESERVE better than that.


It’s about time you owned it.

Make your dreams reality.

Planets are in significant alignments. Collective Consciousness is shifting and expanding rapidly. The world is changing in every moment.

Work constructively with this revolutionary energy to shift and expand your life.

It’s a powerful admission and moment of declaration when you decide what you want and begin taking action. 

You want to THRIVE! Work with me to craft your exciting life – potent and meaningful.

We’ll identify your blocks and patterns, unearth your Superpowers, and create your vision for an authentic, heart-led life. It’s messy, gritty, exhilarating work, and you are up for the challenge!





Let's do this!

I want to be your catalyst and spiritual pyromaniac. We can work together in person, over the phone or Zoom.

Get high on a life that’s soulful, authentic, and fulfilling. Invest in yourself.