Sacred Sexuality

Sacred Union and Sensual Sexuality

“The law of life is love unto all beings. Without love, life is nothing, without love, death has no redemption. Love is anterior to Life, posterior to Death, initial of Creation and the exponent of Earth. If we learn no more in life, let it be this.”


Love is the biggest deal there is.

The most sacred way we express love is through Sacred Union. Expressions of love in Sacred Union are known throughout history in all the ancient, esoteric wisdom teachings as the highest state of divinity we can know/attain as humans.

There are many teachings about the merger of sexuality and spirituality as means towards enlightenment – or at least ecstasy.

As we share in conscious love-making and Sacred Sexual Union, ripples of love and healing are beamed out through the universe and all the dimensions. Pretty powerful stuff, huh?

The people who are destined to meet and come together to hold the planet in a container of Love, Light, and Healing, are meeting up.

It’s a time of connection, and deepening intimacy in your current relationships of all kinds.

We must learn to open our hearts, to keep them open even in the face of pain, and to be fully present in all acts of love and connection.

Heart-opening and activation are flooding the third dimension from the cosmos. The flooding is also flushing out many old programs and can feel confusing. There is clarity available.

It’s intense. And beautiful.

Be patient, breathe, and allow things to unfold naturally. Ask your Higher Power to reveal the ways you and others are meant to work together for the highest good. Get clear on what is true.

As you connect, hold an open heart and a vibration of love. This will create a container for authentic communication as well as contribute to the overall container of Love. Love heals all.

This sounds super sweet and woo-woo, but here’s why it’s so much more-

In holding a vibration of love, we anchor Truth, we see Truth more clearly. In so doing, we are better poised to act Justly and work for the social justice that’s long overdue.

It’s part of how we speak truth to power.

Be love in as many ways possible.

Wholeness and Unity of Masculine and Feminine Polarities

Regardless of gender, we all carry the Masculine and Feminine energies within us. 
We possess both forms of these seemingly paradoxical energies – the higher, more exalted forms – the Divine/Sacred, and the “lower” vibrational, wounded Masculine and Feminine. 
Understand that these forms are ancient, primordial energy – whether exalted or wounded.
As we seek wholeness and healing for ourselves, we integrate the Two into Oneness by acknowledging them and entering into Sacred Marriage within; we marry the Two inside us. 
Self awareness informs whether we are acting from wholeness, from the Divine or Sacred expressions of either or both, or, if we are acting from a place of wounding – His or Hers.
The more healed and integrated the Two within, the more our inner dialogue and understanding shifts. As we embody those higher expressions we cast off waves of healing that affect others, eventually rippling out into society causing the paradigms to alter. 
Whatever it is you think about either gender is also what you believe about that part of yourself. 
How’s that internal dialogue going?
Self love.
One love.
Light & Dark.
Inner and Outer.
Sun and Moon.
Earth and Sky.
Sacred Union.

Work with me through coaching, or one of my many workshops:

*Gain clarity into healing and wholing – you are whole and complete unto yourself

*Learn energy and breathing techniques to cultivate and circulate sexual life-force energy

*Discover what lies at the root of all desire

*Find out about New-Paradigm approaches to relationships that bring about happiness and autonomy

*Find healing and understanding for your Core Wounds

*Learn what informs and guides your decisions in relationships

*Exercise control of your energy and channel it into ecstatic states

*Feel invigorated and full of life

*Become excellent at communicating

*Learn about consent, consent culture, and navigating boundaries

There’s always more to every discussion and teaching. 

“Thank you for offering, hosting, leading, such a sweet and wonderful journey for our courageous, adventurous, loving group yesterday! More than I hoped for in all-good ways! So looking forward to our next!”

D.O., Charlottesville, VA

It was a wonderful and deepening experience! I too am grateful for the opportunity to journey with powerful exalted beings! It was a wonderful container for sacred connection!”

S. T., Virginia

Thank you Goddesses for an amazing journey! So grateful for the experience and the beautiful people I spent the day with. Much love to you all!!!

D.D., Maryland